Biology Notes

6 June 2017

Some students measured the pH of water containing elodea, a common water plant. The students wanted to learn how much carbon dioxide elodea removes from the water. The students knew that decreasing levels of carbon dioxide correspond to increasing PH. Which cellular structure in elodea carries out the process that is most likely to result in increasing pH? Which structures, if found in a cell, would provide the best evidence that the cell is? Where In the cell do the following occur?

Calvin cycle, calculus’s, Krebs cycle, electron transport chain. Students in a biology class tested the effects of antibiotics on the growth of bacteria. They cultured bacteria in four glass Petri dishes and then added different amounts of antibiotic to each dish. After the experiment Is completed, what should be done with the Petri dishes? After an experiment in which students cultured live bacteria, they soaked their Petri dishes in bleach before washing and reusing them. What is the purpose of soaking the Petri dishes in bleach?

What are the cell walls of Members of the Kingdom Plantar made of? What are the cell walls of Members of the Kingdom Fungi made of? Why are the classification of an organism and the scientific name of an organism are different? Define and differentiate: hypothesis, fact, theory, law In which part cell does the Calvin Cycle take place? What is the main organelle of cellular respiration? What Is Bio-luminescence? What organelle traps light energy for use in photosynthesis? What is the most common pigment contained in a photo-system?

Why can’t roots photosynthesize? Where is the energy stored in a molecule of ATP? How do humans store excess energy? Name two molecules are involved in carbon fixation? What cell processes requires energy’? Name the type of cellular transport that doesn’t require energy What are the products of alcoholic fermentation? Where in a plant cell is the oxygen we breathe produced? What forms when only ONE phosphate group bonds in the process of forming? In which part of a cell does the Citric Acid Cycle take place?

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