Biopsychosocial Assessment

1 January 2017

Conrad is a tall and thin white boy under 18 years old. He has big brown eyes like his father, but his hair is very short as it has been cut when he was in the hospital and now is growing out again. He speaks slowly and in a low voice which seems that he wants to control his emotion.

He is healthy, but looks like losing his appetite hence a little weak. family/household/primary social system. Conrad’s family consists of his father Calvin, his mother Beth and him. He had an older brother named Buck, who died in the sailing accident four months ago. (See Appendix) Calvin’s family has a good relationship with his mother Beth’s parents and brother. They would get together frequently and spend the vocation time together. When Conrad’s parents are away, his grandmother would stay with him in their house and take care of him. ecological system.

Biopsychosocial Assessment Essay Example

Conrad is an excellent student in high school with good grades, so his parents never worry about his study and consider him as a smart boy. He is a member of Choir in school and a good singer. He met his girlfriend Jeannine in the Choir as Jeannine was appreciate his singing very much. And also he was a talented swimmer, a member of his school’s swim team. But he quit the swim team after the sailing accident and claimed that he didn’t believe in God. He has several boy friends that grow up with him and they are used to hang out all the time. One of his friends is named Lazenby.

Lazenby, Buck and he were the best friends. After the accident, he began to drift apart these friends, because he thinks it hurts too much to be around them. He was in psychiatric hospital for four months after the accident, and he met a friend named Karen. They met several times after they left the hospital, and Karen used to make an effort to cheer Conrad up, but she suicided later. Referral Source and Process; Collateral Information Conrad got Dr. Burger’s phone number from Dr. Crawford at Hillsboro Hospital, which is the psychiatric hospital he stayed for four months before.

Conrad’s father Calvin suggested him to go to see the doctor and made a plan for him seeing the doctor in this month. Presenting Problems and Goals the origin and development of the concerns. Conrad was sent to the psychiatric hospital because he tried to kill himself after the boat accident. Even though he left the hospital one month and a half ago and now is getting back to the regular life, he still needs time and help to recover from the accident. His life isn’t back to totally normal now, and there are still some problems bothering him that prevent him from getting rid of the psychological shadow. he reasons that social work services are sought or required.

There are two main issues. First, Conrad is continually punishing himself for Buck’ death. He keeps on thinking that it is his fault that led Buck to die. He blames himself so badly that he tried to suicide. After recovery from the hospital, he becomes to repress his emotion and believes it would contribute to control himself. Another issue is that he cannot feel the connection with his mother. As his mother loved his older brother very much and had a very special type of relationship with Buck, after Buck died, he felt that his mother blamed and hated him.

And he thinks that his mother would never forgive him about both Buck’s death and his suicide attempt. the desired outcome of the social work service as envisioned by the client. Conrad denies that there is something wrong with him or his life. He tries to cover the emotion and pretends everything is ok so he has no need to disclose his scar. He said he just wanted to be more in control. Also he thinks he is a little jumpy after a little self-disclosure, and wants to feel better through the therapy. Social History Firstly, his dead brother Buck was kind of a star in his family.

He was used to live in his brother’s shadow, but when the boat accident happened to them, he was the only one to survive. As he was always indentifying himself the less important one, he considered it was wrong that he was the one who would still have a life. As a result of nervous breakdown, he tried to kill himself with cutting his wrists in the bathroom, fortunately his father found out and save him. Then he went to the psychiatric for four months. When he comes back, there are still issues he needs to deal with. Even now he still thinks that he would never get it out and be forgiven.

He cannot eat normally and focus on study at school. He also has nightmare and hallucinogenic like when he saw the running train he thought he saw the graveyard. What’s more, he quit the swim team without telling his parents and drifted apart from his friends, all because these things would remind him of Buck. Actually he becomes irritable and just tries to cover the anger. When he was out of control, he beat his friend without reason. In fact, his mother denies her loss, hoping to maintain her composure and restore her family to what it once was.

She appears to have loved her elder son more and because of the suicide attempt, has now grown cold toward Conrad. She is determined to maintain the appearance of perfection and normalcy. When Conrad was in the hospital, Beth never went to see him for the four whole months. Inflexibility boundaries created by Beth is blocking an easy way to communication and negotiation between family members whenever they need it. The situation is getting worse; as a result, they even cannot have a normal daily conversation. Finally they get several fights.

When Conrad said she never went to see him, and if he was Buck, she definitely would pay the visit, she said Buck would never go to this kind of hospital, which hurt Conrad deeply. Besides, when they were taking family photos, Calvin wanted to take a picture for Beth and Conrad, but Beth was very unhappy with that and continually tried to avoid this photo shooting. At last Conrad was pissed off yelling “Give her the Goddamn camera”. Even though Conrad wants to make some efforts to fix their relationship, it seems that Beth is not planning to accept the court. The pattern that we see is a complimentary role of tough-mother/tender-father.

Within this family structure, the father plays more of the traditional gender roles assigned to an “expressive” role, expected of a caring mother, such as providing emotional support and tender care. The mother in this family makes most of the decisions, such as trips for herself and her husband, checking bills after returning from a trip, buying the shirts her teenage son should wear, and even what shoes her husband should wear during their son’s funeral. Her need for so much power and control, for so much structure, leads to a great deal of tension within the family.

She does not like change very much either. Overall, this family structural system is dysfunctional and tears the family apart due to the lack of implementation of intervention, though Calvin and Conrad were both willing and seeking such intervention. Beth, who has issues with power, does not tolerate any coalitions between his husband and son. Therapeutics Goals for the Jarrett family and the process of the therapy based on the Structural Family Therapy Theory: It is clear that the family structure, which includes patterns, rules, and regulations within the family, should be changed.

The new structure should seek to rebuild a relationship between the family members in such a way where there are new boundaries and engagements. (Moradian M. , 2011) Case Conceptualization BehaviorLosing appetite Slow rate of speech Sitting back Passive responding AffectIrritable/ Jumpy Fragile Guilty Unloved SensationTired ImageryGraveyard Flashback of Buck’s death CognitionNegative self-verbalizations and perceptions Low standard of perfectionism Internal attribution Interpersonal relationshipsSubmissive in interactions with his father Bad connection with his mother

Drifting apart from his friends DrugsThin but healthy Speak little and slowly Losing appetite and sleepless Well dressed Swimming exercise everyday Little leisure time Strengths and Resources There are three aspects can be drawn to be the strength: Empowerment, Synergy and Dialogue and collaboration. As his father is concerning about him, and putting his condition as the first thing in life now, his father has made a plenty of efforts to communicate with him and tried to find some ways to help him. And he has been gender, understandable and patient for Conrad.

Also, Conrad has a girlfriend recently, who he likes very much and enjoys spending time with. The girl makes him feel happy and relax, and try to help him with his scar at the same time. Conrad gets huge support from these two people. Missing Information Conrad’s mother Beth’s real attitude is still unknowable. Maybe it is just misunderstanding that stands between the mother and son. And due to the existing information, Beth may also need consultation and therapy. So it’s best to have a family consultation include the parents that would help gather information and find out the crucial reason.

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