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Biotech Foods Essay, Research Paper

Familial Engineering Awareness Week

What are you Eating?

Political campaign for Food Safety and Awareness

General Education Honors Project

Undertaking Proposal

March 31, 2000

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The technological alterations and inventions during the last 20 old ages have created a singular array of new creative activities. All life beings are compromised of a substance called deoxyribonucleic acid ( DNA ) , which contains cistrons that are the? design? for that being. Scientists discovered that DNA was interchangeable between beings and created new engendering methods such as hybridization, cistron injection, and DNA alteration techniques. This allowed scientists to take desirable traits from one being and give that characteristic to another. A genetically engineered merchandise is one that was developed by modifying DNA.

( ) There has been an addition in generically engineered harvests over the old ages and they continue to lift. In 1996, 4 million estates of land worldwide were planted with these harvests versus holding 98 million estates with genetically engineered harvests in 1999 ( Frankmore, p.A-38 ) . In 1998, 77 % of the universe? s genetically engineered harvests were produced in the United States ( Batie, 1999 ) . Presently the United States Food and Drug Administration ( FDA ) does non necessitate the labeling of genetically engineered merchandises ( Kessler, 1992, p. 1747 ) . However, statute law is now being introduced into Congress to find how these merchandises should be dealt with. In 1998, the United States patent office received 289 applications for patent blessing for new genetically engineered harvests ( Batie, 1999 ) .

It is frequently difficult to understand complex technological and scientific constructs when 1 does non hold anterior experience in the field. Familial technology is a division of biotechnology. It is something that one brushs in their mundane life, but at the same clip it? s difficult to understand what a genetically engineered merchandise is, and what effects it could hold on your life. While is has been good documented that the European Union is opposed to genetically engineered nutrients which they nicknamed? Frakenfoods? , the ideas and beliefs of American consumers has non yet been examined ( Batie, 1999 ) . The chief end of the biotech community should be to take the complex subject of genetically engineered harvests, and do it apprehensible to Americans to let them to explicate and do educated determinations on the topic.

Due to the high complexness and scientific nature of familial technology, people aren? t aware of this subject. However, the spectrum of familial technology reaches beyond the kingdom of scientific discipline, as it is portion of each country of general instruction. For illustration, it affects globalisation because it could hold an impact on population rates, provides nutrition, affects people otherwise and have societal and economic impacts. Biotechnology crosses the country of pluralism as it has an consequence on public policies and sentiments. It is portion of the country of aesthetics as it could alter the landscapes and nutrient visual aspect. Mathematics is involved in the usage of calculating future tendencies and net incomes. New genetically engineered merchandises have the possible to drive a big sum of concerns out of concern. For illustration, a genetically engineered merchandise called BgH can increase milk production by 40 % and would be given to coerce approximately 30 % of all dairy farms in the US out of concern one time introduced into the market ( Perlas, 1994, p.40 ) . In the instance of new genetically engineered? aureate rice? which contains high degree of beta-carotene ( Vitamin A ) to battle sightlessness in malnourished Asiatic states. Alternatively nevertheless, Asians experienced a Vitamin A toxicity which resulted in abdominal strivings, sickness, purging, giddiness and malformations of the organic structure every bit good as jobs with the depletion of its scarce H2O resources by utilizing more so the traditional sums ( ) . Genetically engineered merchandises have the possible to be extremely destructive making cistron mutants, superweeds, wellness hazards, and unknown effects from deficiency of research and grounds on safety issues. Consumers should be cognizant of the nutrients that they are eating and possible long term effects.


Batie, S. ( 1999 ) . Agricultural Biotechnology: Can it Pass the Consumer Test? Michigan State

University Department of Agricultural Economics. Retrieved from the World Wide Web on March 11, 2000: hypertext transfer protocol: //

In 1997, the United States Patent Office received 289 applications for patent blessings for genetically altered workss. In 1999, 65 million estates of cropland were used to bring forth genetically altered harvests, 50 m

illion estates of which were on United States dirt. There are no statistics or surveies done to find is given the pick, whether American consumers would take genetically engineered harvests. Many European states are against these types of harvests because of moral, environmental and nutrient safety grounds. In add-on, Austria and Luxembourg have banned all biotech harvests. Presently, the United States Food and Drug Administration does non necessitate a label that identifies how a harvest was developed or grown.

Bruhn, C. & # 8220 ; Biotechnology: recognizing the promise through invention and meaningful

labeling & # 8221 ; . Nutrition Today 33 ( 1998 ) : 13-18

A counterpoint to Nestle & # 8217 ; s reappraisal of biotechnology in this issue is provided. The author contends that the information in Nestle & # 8217 ; s reappraisal is selectively presented to paint biotechnology as an intensely controversial engineering that is being forced upon the populace, a image that is non accurate. The author agrees with Nestle refering the promise and potency of the engineering but differs significantly on consumer response, virtue of biotechnology applications, function of labeling, and chance for consumers to take or non take modified merchandises.

Mothers for Natural Law of the Natural Law Party ( 1996 ) . You are Eating Genetically

Engineered Food. Is it Good for You? Do You Have a Choice? *http: //*

The National Law is contending to inform the populace about genetically engineered nutrients and is seeking to do it an issue for the 2000 political run since it is such a current and of import issue of the times. It educates the populace on what familial technology consists of and the dangers every bit good as the possible benefits of unnatural nutrients.

Organic Consumers Association ( 2000 ) . Campaigning for Food Safety, Organic Agriculture,

and Sustainability. *http: //*

Purefoods hosts the web site for the Organic Consumers Association. This site is dedicated to assisting consumers know what is in the nutrient that they are devouring. It contains links on genetically engineered nutrients, but besides has a searchable intelligence archive. This allows for hunts to see what the latest and update intelligence is for the subject at manus.

Perlas, N. ( 1994 ) . Get the better ofing Illusions About Biotechnology. New Jersey: Zed Books Ltd.

The intent is to research three facets that is faced by biotechnology and genetically technology. They include the societal facet where the inquiry of engineering is geared towards who should the engineering be geared towards and how it would impact the economic issues of such a determination. The environmental review facet must take into history the affect of such engineerings on the environment where the scarceness of resources will impact the local and planetary environments. The scientific/philosophical review facet must besides be included sine the non so obvious political relations and scientific engineerings affect the societal and environmental factors.

& # 8220 ; Regulation of Genetically Engineered Organisms and Products & # 8221 ; ( 1994, July ) . Biotechnology

Information Series of Iowa State University. Retrieved from the World Wide Web on

March 13,2000: *http: //*

Explains how the USDA regulates genetically engineered nutrient, why the EPA regulates genetically engineered workss, and the duties of the FDA on GE nutrient. This will assist us better understand where the authorities comes to play in taking duty on GE nutrient.

Shiva, V. ( 1995 ) . The New Repression. Washington, D.C.

*http: //*

This web site if utile because it has a dramatic statement on the effects of biotechnology on the environment and the planetary economic system.

Smith, T. & # 8220 ; Biotechnology and Global Justice. & # 8221 ; Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethical motives

11.3 ( 1999 ) :

This article examines what sort of affect agricultural biotechnology has on globalisation. The hope of rational societal and ethical position would ensue from the globalisation of biotechnology. Globalization would let for a more extension of production ironss across national boundary lines and foreign endeavors.

Stipp, D. ( 2000, February 21 ) . ? Is Monsanto? s Biotech Worth Less Than A Hill of Beans? ?

Fortune, 141, 157-172.

This article talks about the moralss of biotechnology and its credence by consumers. It chiefly focuses on the familial technology of soy beans and its deductions on the concern universe and society. This article will assist us understand biotechnology and its credence ; every bit good as the consumers? position of it.

U.S. Food and Drug Administration ( 2000 ) . Welcome to the cyberspace FDA. * hypertext transfer protocol: //*

( 2000, March 06 ) .

The above cited web page contains information provided by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The information provided by the FDA is straight related to their policies with respect to genetically engineered nutrients.

Auxiliary Bibliography: Items used in this proposal

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Denver Post. A-38. Retrieved from the World Wide Web: hypertext transfer protocol: //

Kessler, D. ( 1992 ) . & # 8220 ; The safety of nutrients developed by biotechnology & # 8221 ; Science, 256, 1747-1749.

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