Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1) It is theoretically possible for a gene from any organism to function in any other organism. Why is this possible? A) All organisms have ribosomes. B) All organisms have the same genetic code. C) All organisms are made up of cells. D) All organisms have similar nuclei. E) All organisms have transfer RNA. 2) One important approach to gene cloning uses A) noncoding nucleotide sequences. B) plasmids. C) whole chromosomes.

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The cell would create incomplete plasmids. B) The cell would be unable to replicate its DNA. C) The cell would become an obligate parasite. D) The cell would be easily infected and lysed by bacteriophages. E) Both A and D would occur. 6) Assume that you are trying to insert a gene into a plasmid and someone gives you a preparation of DNA cut with restriction enzyme X. The gene you wish to insert has sites on both ends for cutting by restriction enzyme Y.

You have a plasmid with a single site for Y, but not for X. Your strategy should be to A) cut the plasmid with restriction enzyme X and insert the fragments cut with Y into the plasmid. B) cut the plasmid with enzyme X and then insert the gene into the plasmid. C) cut the DNA again with restriction enzyme Y and insert these fragments into the plasmid cut with the same enzyme. D) cut the plasmid twice with restriction enzyme Y and ligate the two fragments onto the ends of the human DNA fragments cut with restriction enzyme X. E) insert the fragments cut with X directly into the plasmid without cutting the plasmid.

What is the genetic function of restriction enzyme? A) adds new nucleotides to the growing strand of DNA B) joins nucleotides during replication C) repairs breaks in sugar-phosphate backbones D) joins nucleotides during transcription E) cleaves nucleic acids at specific sites 8) The restriction enzyme used in constructing hybrid molecules of certain gene sequences and plasmid DNA acts by A) transcribingplasmid DNA into a transformed molecule. B) opening DNA molecules at specific sites, leaving sticky ends exposed. C) binding human genes to bacterial plasmids.

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Bacterial cells replicate it. C) Bacterial cells take it up. D) Both B and C are correct. E) A, B, and C are correct. I.Transform bacteria with recombinant DNA molecule II. Cut the plasmid DNA using restriction enzymes III. Extract plasmid DNA from bacterial cells IV. Hydrogen-bond the plasmid DNA to nonplasmid DNA fragments V. Use ligase to seal plasmid DNA to nonplasmid DNA 13) From the list above, which of the following is the most logical sequence of steps for splicing foreign DNA into a plasmid and inserting the plasmid into a bacterium?

A eukaryotic gene has “sticky ends” produced by the restriction endonuclease EcoRI. The gene is added to a mixture containing EcoRI and a bacterial plasmid that carries two genes, which make it resistant to ampicillin and tetracycline. The plasmid has one recognition site for EcoRI located in the tetracycline resistance gene. This mixture is incubated for several hours and then added to bacteria growing in nutrient broth. The bacteria are allowed to grow overnight and are streaked on a plate using a technique that produces isolated colonies that are clones of the original.

Samples of these colonies are then grown in four different media: nutrient broth plus ampicillin, nutrient broth plus tetracycline, nutrient broth plus ampicillin and tetracycline, and nutrient broth containing no antibiotics. 15) The bacteria containing the engineered plasmid would grow in A) the ampicillin and tetracycline broth only. B) the nutrient broth, the ampicillin broth, and the tetracycline broth. C) the nutrient broth and the tetracycline broth only. D) the nutrient broth only. E) the ampicillin broth and the nutrient broth. ( this is not done by me)

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