Birth Control: A Purely Female Responsibility?

1 January 2018

Based on the methods alone it is clear the responsibility of preventing pregnancy is placed more heavily on women. How many birth control methods are made only for men? Men have five: condoms, abstinence, vasectomy, withdrawal, and outercourse (I heard about the male birth control a couple of years ago but haven’t heard anything since….

does it even exist?). Women have: female condoms, IUDs, the birth control pill, the Nuva Ring, the patch, diaphragm, Plan B, spermicidal jellies/foams, the sponge, Depo-Provera, outercouse, and abstinence.Is it a bad thing for most of the responsibility to rely on a woman? I don’t think so. Women are the one’s who will become pregnant, effect their bodies by pregnancy, and women will be responsible in every way when it comes to being pregnant. In my opinion it seems to be a good thing when the person who has to deal with the effects of something is the person with the most power when it comes to preventing pregnancy and having a variety of choices.

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It also shows how much progress has been made. But, it focuses on how women should be preventing pregnancy lessens the responsibility for men.

No matter what it is unconvincing we will ever have a method of birth control for men or women that is 100% effective..Men and women have equal responsibility in the sexual area. Regardless, of a man or woman’s use of contraceptives a condom should always be used for protection. According to the visual on page 168 of the text book, Some contraceptives methods can also protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs). This is an important factor to consider when choosing a contraceptive.I would love it if it was not always the woman who has to wreck her body by taking birth control but as long as women are the ones who can become pregnant and give birth things are going to be this way.

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