Birth Control and Adolescents

4 April 2015
A review and evaluation of three articles on teenage pregnancy.

The paper is built around three articles on teenage pregnancy, each of which are transcribed at the end of this essay. Using the articles as a backdrop, the issue of birth-control for adolescents is explored. It deals with issues such as the emergency birth-control pill and preventative contraception. The articles are then evaluated in terms of their worth on the subject of contraception and changes and improvements are suggested for the articles. Conclusions are made about the benefits of circulating these articles to both parents and teenagers.
“The three articles discussed teenage pregnancy. It states that parents can close their eyes and pretend their teens are not having sex, but most of them are. In the article, “Going Past “Just Say No”, it discussed how federal programs are provided to tell teens to “Say No”, but educators are not all allowed to discuss ways to prevent pregnancy. Americans are unsure about what to do about teens and pregnancies. California is one state that refused federal money because they teach their teens about abstinence and birth control. The discussion of abstinence will be discussed again with the government in coming months. If they could remember how their sexual urges bothered them maybe they would consider birth control programs.”

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