Birth Control Options Essay Research Paper Hannah

8 August 2017

Birth Control Options Essay, Research Paper

Hannah Lager P.E.

Adolescent Health Issues


Over the old ages, birth control has evolved into an built-in portion of our society. Millions of adult females all over the universe usage some signifier of birth control, and it is turning more popular. There are many different sorts of birth control and it is of import to be informed of your picks.

In the past 20 old ages the figure of unplanned gestations and sexually transmitted diseases has grown dramatically. Alaska has one of the highest adolescent gestation rates in the United States, and the figure continues to turn. Sexually familial diseases are running rampant throughout our society, and it is critical to maintain abreast of the latest intelligence.

Condoms are the lone guaranteed manner, short of abstention, to forestall both gestation and infection. They are one of the most common and accessible preventives on the market today, and are safe and effectual when used decently.

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There are two chief sorts of rubbers. Male rubbers, the most popular of the two, and female rubbers. Male rubbers are made of latex, plastic, or natural membranes. They look like long, thin, chapfallen balloons. Male condoms halt organic structure fluids from blending during intercourse, and when used right are about 97 % effectual. Condoms are by and large safe, though some people may hold allergic reactions to latex. Spermicides, such as Nonoxynol-9, can besides do allergic reactions in some persons.

Female rubbers are made of polyurethane, a thin plastic, and are safe for people who are allergic to latex. The rubber is used inside the adult female & # 8217 ; s vagina and is 95 % effectual when used right. Many users of the female rubber have lauded it & # 8217 ; s benefits, such as an added feeling of control, the easiness in buying the rubber ( female rubbers are available over the counter ) , and the low failure rate. Other consumers, nevertheless, have complained that the rubber is hard to infix, harder to happen because non as many shops carry female rubbers, and is more expensive than its male opposite number.

Although both types of rubbers have many advantages, such as halting the spread of diseases and forestalling gestation, there are disadvantages. Condoms break easy and holes can organize about immediately when oil-based lubricators, such as Vaseline, suntan oil or whipped pick, are used. Some work forces find it hard to keep an hard-on with a rubber on or complain of a loss of esthesis while utilizing a rubber. Skin rubbers are an alternate to latex for forestalling gestation, but do non halt diseases from distributing. Polyurethane rubbers are a better pick than tegument rubbers, since they prevent infection every bit good as gestation. Both male and female rubbers come in colored, flavored and textured assortments.

Oral preventives are besides widely used. Over seven adult females take them daily, and they are safe to utilize with other signifiers of birth control ( i.e. rubbers ) . There are two types of unwritten preventives: combined ( & # 8221 ; the Pill & # 8221 ; ) , and progestin-only ( & # 8221 ; the Mini-Pill & # 8221 ; ) . Pills are the most requested signifier of birth control, partially because of their deficiency of major side affects. Combined pills contain two endocrines, estrogen and progestogen, and prevent gestation by halting the organic structure from ovulating ( let go ofing an egg ) . The & # 8220 ; Mini-Pill & # 8221 ; contains merely progestogen. It works by inspissating the cervical mucous secretion so that the sperm can non make the egg. Combined pills are 99.9 % effectual, and the & # 8220 ; Mini-Pills & # 8221 ; are 99.5 % . Neither pill protects the user from sexually transmitted diseases or infections.

Although pills are popular, there is some guess as to their long-run effects on the organic structure. Doctors who prescribe pills are required to inform the possible users of the hazards. 1 in 14,000 users between the ages of 30 and 39 will see bosom onslaughts, and stokes occur five times more often among pill users ( 1 in 2,700 ) . The hazards for tobacco users are higher. Blood coagulums and high blood force per unit area are besides possibilites.

There are presently surveies underway that are researching the long-run effects of unwritten preventives. The CDC and the NICHD are co-sponsoring a long-run undertaking to analyse the pill & # 8217 ; s relationship to malignant neoplastic disease of the generative piece of land and

chest malignant neoplastic disease. Many people are besides concerned about cervical malignant neoplastic disease. Annually Pap vilifications and chest tests are strongly recommended to look into for the visual aspect of these diseases.

Oral preventives can both assist and ache some adult females with depression. Pills with more estrogen are normally linked to pill-related depression, but the more popular pills that have lower doses of estrogen have non been proven to either alleviate or worsen depression.

Depo-Provera injections are another normally used type of female birth control. Depo-Provera is a shooting incorporating a endocrine similar to progesterone. It stops the adult female from ovulating, and can supply other prophylactic and physical benefits. The shooting must be administered every three months or 13 hebdomads. The shooting may extinguish menses, and can better both PMS and depression. The Depo-Provera shooting is 99.7 % effectual in forestalling gestation.

The stop and the cervical cap are somewhat less popular than the above stated methods of birth control, but they are both effectual. The stop is a gum elastic disc that is inserted into the vagina and covers the neck. It blocks the seeds from come ining the neck, and has a higher success rate when used in combination with spermatocide. When used right, it is 94 % effectual. Diaphragms are merely available by prescription.

There are serious disadvantages and medical hazards associated with the stop. Use increases the hazard of urinary piece of land infections, and if the stop is inserted falsely it can steal out of topographic point during sex. If the stop is left in for more than 48 hours the hazard of developing Toxic Shock Syndrome is increased.

The cervical cap is made of soft gum elastic. The user fills the cap with spermatocide, so places the cap on her neck. Suction keeps the cap in topographic point. The caps come in four sizes, and, like stop, are merely available by prescription. The cap can be put in an hr before sex, and will work for 48 hours. The cervical cap can assist forestall mussy sex during menses, and is approximately 91 % effectual.

The cervical cap has disadvantages every bit good. The cap can increase the hazard of redness of the surface of the neck and can besides increase the hazard of developing Toxic Shock Syndrome. If the cap is improperly inserted, it can steal out of place during sex. The latex can do annoyance or an allergic reaction, and a new adjustment is necessary after holding a babe, a abortion, an abortion, or deriving 15 lbs. Doctors recommend replacing the cap every twelvemonth.

Many spiritual groups promote abstention as a signifier of birth control. Abstinence is defined as avoiding sex. It is 100 % effectual in halting the spread of disease, and 100 % effectual in forestalling gestation. Abstinence can be a good option for some, but fortunes can alter all of a sudden, and being prepared is of import. When abstention is combined with another signifier of contraceptive method, such as rubbers or spermatocide, it is a realistically feasible program for birth control.

Birth control is an of import personal determination. The type of birth control you choose and its effectivity can play a major portion in the remainder of your life. It is critical to do the proper determination, and educating oneself about the sorts of birth control available is indispensable to doing that pick.


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