Birthday Speech

8 August 2016

First and foremost, I want to take this opportunity to greet my ever dearest sister a happy birthday and also to express how happy we are to have you one more year with us. Sis, today, you’ve unlocked another chapter in your life. Time flies really fast. One minute, you’re just this little kid with an innocent mind and now, you’re eighteen! And I must say that your birthday is the day that I should celebrate for God has given me the greatest gift of all, you. As Amy Li had said, “Having a sister is like having a best friend you can’t get rid of. You know whatever you do, they’ll still be there.

” And yes, you are sis! Friends do come and go but you, my sister will never go. You were always there and I’m very thankful and blessed for having you in my life. Even if were often fighting or should I say every day, with some petty things, at the end of the day, were still here for each other willing to forgive and to forget like nothing happened at all. My childhood memories are with you. You were my first friend, first playmate, first study buddy, and first enemy at the same time in terms of the attention given by our parents for the fact that you were younger than me.

Birthday Speech Essay Example

Also sis, you were with me at times of tears and joy. Although we were unlucky in terms of having a perfect family, I never felt the loneliness in me because of your existence. You were also my awesome best friend whom I could share my secrets with and to whom I could always count on. You were a good listener that pays attention when nobody does. You were also this friend that’s very open with me in everything. I like the fact that you could not bear a day without telling me the happenings in your life even if sometimes I’m totally not interested to know but still, you were eager to share it with me.

Sis, as your age continuous to add up in numbers, may your life also add up good memories, more awesome people to meet, more values to learn and also more blessings to come. All along, I have seen your courage and dedication towards your studies and in achieving your goals and also, I’ve witnessed you fall several times but it’s so nice of you that you’re still willing to stand and fight back. And with all that, I know that you will accomplish everything you want to accomplish and I believe that you will get even better as years come.

I would not make this speech any longer because I don’t want to see you mourn. And there is so much to say in a short time of how great you are. Although we may not be together all the time like before, nothing would change the way we use to treat each other. And for this very special day of yours, I just wish you good health and may you achieve what you really desire in life and always remember that whatever happens, I, your Ate, will just right behind you. I love you sis. You mean the world to me.

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