Black American Slave Trade Letter

2 February 2018

Britain has been active in the slave trade for over 100 years with about 47,000 slaves traveling to America from Africa with our ships every year and on average 1 slave ship sailed every week from a British port. From 1 698-present around 18 million slaves have been taken against their will and this is what we want to stop. I feel very strongly against the slave read as I have read some first hand accounts of the terrible manner in which the slaves are being treated.Let me give you some insight into how these men are being treated, first of all on a ship it is very dark and you see people die everyday, it smells of urine and sweat and slaves are not allowed to go to the toilet, they are chained tightly side by side and when they go up on deck saltwater is thrown over them to sting their cuts from the whips and they are forced to dance in front of the crew for their entertainment, they get fed toting more than gruel just enough to keep them alive twice a day.

I have a story I would like to share with you about the horrible people involved in the slave trade. On September 6th 1781 the slave ship Gong sailed from Africa bound for Jamaica in the West Indies, on board were 17 crewmen and 440 slaves. By the end of November the Gong was nearing Jamaica, however 7 of the crew and more than 60 slaves had died and others were badly ill, instead of sailing top speed to Jamaica the ship’s captain, Cowlings, turned around cause he knew no one would want to buy his slaves and therefore the ship owners would lose money.He also knew that the slaves were insured but the insurance wouldn’t pay if they died of natural causes, so Cowlings had a thought if his crew threw the sick slaves overboard he thought the owners would be able to claim money back, they would pretend they were short of drinking water and they had to save what was left for the fit slaves. In the next few days 133 slaves were thrown overboard into the Atlantic.When the Gong finally arrived in port it was exposed that the ship had 420 gallons of water left! Unsurprisingly the insurance did not pay up. More horrendously no action was taken against Cowlings who should have been tried for murder! This is the sort of thing we want to prevent from happening ever again, so am appealing to your sense of Christian morality for our fellow human beings to stop the slave trade.

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