Black-and-white Films and Evening Aged Care

7 July 2016

What you have to do Students are required to read the case study and answer the following questions. You need to have read through the learning material for CHCAD401D Advocate for clients and any additional resources on the OLS before commencing this assignment. Please reference your work. Referencing guides are available on the OLS under Assessment Guidelines. Task Read the case study and answer the following questions. Case study You are an aged care worker in a hostel. Mrs Jones, a resident, comes to you one morning saying that the evening aged care worker demands she be in bed with the TV off by 8.

00pm as that is when there is sufficient staff available to assist her into bed. Mrs Jones wants to be able to watch her TV from her chair in her private room until later at night. Mrs Jones has asked you to report what has been happening and advocate on her behalf. Questions Answer the following seven (7) questions based on the case study: 1. Identify the strategies you could implement to address the client’s needs. 2. Do you need consent from the resident to proceed? 3. Describe any obstacles you may encounter in the meeting and how you intend to overcome them.

Black-and-white Films and Evening Aged Care Essay Example

4. Discuss how you could ensure the resident is informed of progress and outcomes. 5. Develop an action plan that identifies some potential outcomes from the meeting. This plan should include what is to be done, who will be responsible, timeframe for the action and review date. 6. What strategies would you put in place if any of the actions were not completed? 7. The evening aged care worker is a friend of yours. Discuss whether this would be a conflict of interest and how it could be managed.

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