Black Boy Book Report Essay Research Paper

9 September 2017

Black Boy Book Report Essay, Research Paper

& # 65279 ; Black Boy

I. Drumhead

Black Boy by Richard Wright is an autobiographical expression at his life. It covers his life from the age

of 4 old ages to his mid 20 & # 8217 ; s. The book shows the life of a immature black adult male turning up in the South

with Jim Crow Torahs and the general hatred for inkinesss by Whites. After recognizing that the colour of his

tegument limited his chances in the South he dreamed of traveling North for a different life.

Finally he moved north to Chicago, but merely saw small difference in racial equality. In Chicago

he began tie ining with the Communist party: because of their just intervention of inkinesss. Black

Boy illustrates the predicament of black America and how Wright dealt with it through instruction and

reading. In his pursuit for cognition, Wright stirred up animus among both inkinesss and Whites.

William Wright was born September 4,1908 on a farm in Mississippi. He was the oldest of two,

his brother Alan was a twelvemonth younger. Wright had a unsmooth childhood ; plagued by poorness,

forsakings, and changeless whippings by household members. Through all of his adversities Wright

ne’er lost sight of what was of import, his instruction and his self-pride.

At a really early age Richard has to cover with some highly tough issues. At the mere age of five,

Richards father left him and the household behind for another adult female. This financially ruined his

household even worse. His female parent had to acquire a occupation to feed them. His male parent offered no fiscal

support nor did a tribunal order him to. Because his female parent could non gain adequate money to purchase

nutrient, Wright went out to happen work to assist ; predating an instruction. At age 8 his female parent suffered

a shot which paralyzed her, this made her unable to work. She required changeless medical

attending. Wright, his female parent and brother moved to his grandparents house. Wright spent most of

his childhood life at his grandmas. He is treated really ill by his grandma and his

aunt Addie. They are invariably crushing him for no evident ground. These whippings go on for a

long clip, but he fights back several times against his grandma, aunts, and uncles. Wright had

a great trade of independency and autonomy, likely gained by the forsakings suffered as a

immature adult male. Another beginning of convulsion in Wrights life while populating in his grandmas house was

a affair of faith. His expansive female parent went to church all the clip and was invariably citing the

bible, but Wright did non believe in God or the church. His grandma hated him for this

Race dealingss did non affect Wright through out his early childhood. He did non even recognize there

was a difference in colour until his early teens. A black in the early 1900 & # 8217 ; s was supposed to move a

certain manner in forepart of Whites: like they were sub-human. It took Wright a long clip to larn that.

He would move like anyone else non acknowledging Whites as superior merely peers. He about got killed

because of it. One twenty-four hours, when Wright was a adolescent, a group of white work forces offered Wright a drive

he said & # 8221 ; certain & # 8221 ; . Half to town they threw him out of the auto and told him the following clip a white adult male

offers you a drive you better say & # 8220 ; Sir & # 8221 ; or they & # 8217 ; ll kill you!

In his teens Wright learned of the North and how much better it was for inkinesss than in the South.

He worked long hours and tried to salvage his money but his parts to his grandmas

house took most of his money. He could merely salvage $ 1 dollar a hebdomad, he needed $ 100 for his trip

to Chicago where he had relations. He resorted to stealing from his foreman. He got adequate money in

three hebdomads. He left his grandmas house which he hated. He promised his female parent that he

would direct for her when he got settled a promise he would ever maintain. Although he hated his

household he loved his female parent and brother in a heartfelt way. He stopped in Memphis on his manner to Chicago. He

settled there for a small piece. He got a occupation and rented a room with a nice household, but this household

had a girl that they wanted to get married off but Richard wanted no portion of that and moved instead

rapidly. While in Memphis he sent for his Mother and Brother. After they arrived they preceded

to Chicago.

Chicago was really different than Mississippi, he saw inkinesss and Whites would walk past each other

on the streets and inkinesss would non hold to avoid Whites. There was no menaces of lynching and

unfastened force directed at inkinesss. Work was besides plentiful. Wright ne’er had jobs happening

work. Even during the depression Wright had no job happening work. At this clip Wright is

really good read, he is reading some of the best plants of his clip and through these readings he

develops a really good cognition of how the universe works. He is the prototype of a ego taught adult male,

his intelligence is axiomatic. Walking place from work one dark he heard a talker speaking

about working category people uniting and taking charge. It is Communism, and from the really

get downing he is taken by its doctrines. He is most impressed on its base on racial equality. He

joins the Communist party and becomes passionately active. Finally Wright leaves the

communist party because of differing positions on the manner the party is headed, but he still believes

& gt ;

with the political orientation of communism to his decease. Black male child ends with Wrights go forthing the

communist party. He wrote the terminal of the book as a prefiguration of what America and race

dealingss are headed for. A really inexorable hereafter.

II. Concepts

a. Culture. A shared manner of life: The beliefs, values, behaviour, and material objects shared by a

peculiar people. Richard Wright shows the behaviour of inkinesss around Whites. Never looking

them straight in the oculus, acquiring out of their manner when a white came by on the street or at work.

Always be obedient around Whites. He shows this on page 218 when speaking to his friend about

how he acts in forepart of Whites.

b. Stratification. A system by which a society ranks classs of people in a hierarchy. The

stratification of Richard Wrights society is one that puts black below that of Whites and perchance

even animate beings. Wright uses an illustration of stratification on page 43 when he talks of western

civilisation and how inkinesss were kept out.

c. Norms. Rules that guide behaviour. Richard grew up with norms like no cursing or utilizing the

Godheads name in vena. Some regulations that were given to inkinesss by Whites are, inkinesss must state sir when

turn toing a white, they must ne’er look a white in the oculus when speech production. Stealing is a norm that

Richard shows a different mentality on. ( P. 240. )

d. Values. Standards by which members of a civilization distinguish the desirable from the

unwanted. One value that Americans possessed is the chase of stuff wealth. Page 321

explains what Wright see incorrect with this.

e. Moress. Norms that have great moral significance. Murder is an illustration of a mores. It is a more

in any clip period. Murder among and of inkinesss was frequently over looked in Wrights clip. He

explains this on page 269, how a black adult male was lynched and there was no 1 arrested signifier


f. Folkways. Norms that have small moral significance. The manner people are expected to dress.

Wright at an early age wants to conform to the manner his school couples frock by purchasing long bloomerss.

( P. 160 )

g. Socialization. Lifelong societal experience by which persons develop human potency and

larn the form of their civilization. Socialization through household and equals were the most of import

to Wright. Page 91 shows Wright and his equals and how they live in a detached society. Pages 54

and 55 shows how Wrights female parent explained the differences of black and white.

h. Role & A ; Status. Status is a recognized societal place that an single occupies. Role is a

form of expected behaviour attached to a peculiar position. Wright had several Role & A ; Statuss

turning up, as a kid he was expected to be obedient and respectful of his household. As a black

grownup he was expected to go a worker for a white household or foreman and be nil more than

janitor. He was non expected to be able to read and compose so good it got him in problem. Wright

experienced a batch of problem in his life because he did non ever fit in to the function and position he was

expected to. ( P. 421 )

i. Deviancy. The recognized misdemeanor of cultural norms. Richard Wright shows aberrance about in

his full life. From his contending back against the inordinate whippings he received from his aunts ( P.

126 ) . To his aspirations of an instruction and a better life ( P. 390 ) .

J. Primary Group. A little societal group in which relationships are both personal and digesting.

Richard Wrights primary group consisted merely of his Mother, Brother, and Aunt Maggie.

k. Secondary Group. A big and impersonal societal group based on a specific involvement or activity.

Willard huntington wrights secondary groups would dwell of his occupation at the station office, his rank to the

communist party.

l. Significant Other. Is the individual that person would wish to emulate. Wright through out his life

did non desire to emulate anyone in his race and Whites. Wright wanted to emulate authors because

of there accomplishments and what they provided to their readers. He wanted to give readers meaningful

things to read that would consequence their lives.

III. Methodology

Black Boy is an autobiography of Richard Wright. Although this is autobiography Richard Wright

Tells it like a novel, and is in Participant Observer method. Although in a true participant perceiver

the individual voluntarily puts himself in the group he is analyzing. Wright was born into the state of affairs

he is in. When he writes this Wright offers insight to what is traveling on in his head and besides a

retrospect of what he feels when he was composing Black Boy about 20 old ages after. He does this as

about an almighty storyteller.

IV. Opinion

I would extremely urge this book to people. It is a good written book that reads fast and is really

entertaining. I think it should be required reading for everyone in college. It offers a position that

most white people don & # 8217 ; t understand. It would give them a new penetration on race dealingss and expression

at themselves as how they perceive inkinesss. Black kids of the 90 & # 8217 ; s should read this because I

feel it would give them new penetration on their ain heritage and battle of inkinesss after bondage. It

would demo them how much they can carry through even in the face of subjugation.

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