Black Boy Essay Research Paper One main

9 September 2017

Black Boy Essay, Research Paper

One chief point of the United States Constitution was losing from the

Jim Crow South: equality. The Constitution clearly states that & # 8220 ; all

work forces are created equal, & # 8221 ; but in the Jim Crow epoch inkinesss were

continuously persecuted for something that would be acceptable in

today & # 8217 ; s society. In the early twentieth century the South was a topographic point of

racial bias, favoritism, and hatred ; inkinesss could be punished

for merely looking at a white individual in the incorrect mode. Punishments

included apprehension, whipping, even lychings were a common portion of the age.

This is how life was while Richard Wright was turning up ; but in his

autobiography Black Boy we learn that despite his being a black male child in

the Jim Crow South, born on a Mississippi plantation, he is finally

able to accomplish success. Although independency was a important factor

that enabled Richard Wright to win, his defiance,

intelligence, and doggedness were besides of import contributing


Richard Wright was an independent individual by nature. Throughout the

book Richard ne’er seemed to hold an utmost emotional fond regard to

anyone. It was as if he did non necessitate or desire anyone & # 8217 ; s aid or

blessing, except his ain. Ever since Richard was really immature he was

forced to be independent. When he mother had her shot, Richard was

forced to take charge and go the individual of the house and he would

accept no 1 & # 8217 ; s assist. & # 8220 ; Though I was a kid, I could no longer experience as

a kid, could no longer respond as a kid & # 8230 ; When the neighbour & # 8217 ; s offered

me nutrient, I refused, already ashamed that so frequently in my life I had to

be fed by strangers. & # 8221 ; ( pg.97 ) While Richard was populating at his Granny & # 8217 ; s

his independency truly started to demo through. All Richard of all time

thought about was go forthing to travel to the North ; particularly after being

ridiculed for composing his narrative, The Voodoo of Hell & # 8217 ; s Half-Acre. No

one supported him. He wanted to be able to make what he wanted to, by

himself. & # 8220 ; I drea! Master of Education of traveling north and composing books and

novels. & # 8221 ; ( pg.186 ) Once Richard was on his ain he felt free of the

load, of other people & # 8217 ; s sentiments that had tied him down his full


Along with independency, his defiance was another beginning point

of Wright & # 8217 ; s thrust to do it in a white adult male & # 8217 ; s universe. The really first

mark we see of the Rebel in Wright is when he is merely four old ages old.

Richard and his brother are playing with a isolated cat one twenty-four hours when his

male parent orders them to acquire rid of the cat because it is doing a batch of

noise and Mr. Wright is seeking to kip, he even comments, & # 8220 ; Kill that

damn thing! & # 8221 ; ( pg.18 ) That is merely what Richard intends to make. He

knows his male parent was merely talking figuratively because he was upset,

but Richard besides knows that if his male parent could non penalize Richard

without put on the lining his authorization. A 2nd point at which Richard shows

the rebellion in him was when he was approximately to graduate from the 9th

class. Richard was chosen as valedictory speaker of his category. As category

valedictorian, Richard was responsible for presenting a address at his

graduation, to be held at one of the local populace auditoriums. One twenty-four hours

shortly before! the graduation ceremonial is scheduled to take topographic point

Richard is summoned to the principal & # 8217 ; s office. The chief custodies

Richard a address he has prepared for Richard to read. Richard has

already written his one address and garbages to read the chief & # 8217 ; s

work. When told that he will non be allowed to graduate without

staying the principal and reading his address, Richard & # 8217 ; s reaction is:

& # 8220 ; & # 8230 ; this ninth-grade sheepskin International Relations and Security Network & # 8217 ; t traveling to assist me much in life. I & # 8217 ; m

non acrimonious about it, it & # 8217 ; s non your mistake. But I & # 8217 ; m merely non traveling to make

things this way. & # 8221 ; Again, Richard has triumphed over an grownup, this

clip merely by withstanding an grownup & # 8217 ; s decree and making the right thing.

Bing an independent and rebellious young person, Richard besides became a

& gt ;

success due to his intelligence. Richard & # 8217 ; s intelligence was non merely

acquired but besides gifted. As a really immature male child without any formal

instruction he already had a existent hungriness for cognition and desired to

learn all, and anything, he could. Richard & # 8217 ; s aptitude was first

described in Black Boy at the age of four. One forenoon Mrs. Wright

informed Richard that while she was at work coal that she ordered was

to be delivered to the house and that Richard would be responsible for

paying the adult male. When the coal adult male arrived with the bringing, Richard

gave him the money that his female parent had left. When the adult male asked how

much alteration he owed Richard, Richard replied that he did non cognize, he

could non number. So the adult male began to learn Richard to number.

& # 8220 ; He counted to ten and I listened carefully ; so he asked me

to number entirely and I did. He so made me memorise the

words 20, 30, 40 etc. , so told me to

add one, two, three, and so on. In about an

hr & # 8217 ; s clip I had learned to number to a

hundred & # 8230 ; when my female parent returned from her occupation that dark

I insisted that she stand still and listen while I

counted to one 100. She was dumbfounded.

After that she taught me to read, told narratives. On

Lord’s daies I would read the newspapers with my female parent

steering me and spelling out the words. & # 8221 ; ( pg.30 )

Richard had non merely learned to number in less than an hr but he was

besides able to read the newspaper at the age of four.

His ability to persist besides guided Richard toward his prosperity.

There were many, many episodes in the life of Richard Wright that would

hold slowed down or wholly halted most people ; but non Richard

himself. Richard was a combatant and no affair was obstacle he faced, he

knocked it right down and continued. Like his features of

defiance and intelligence, the doggedness in Richard & # 8217 ; s

personality began at an extremely immature age. Richard was four ( as he

was when his defiance and intelligence were foremost discovered by

the reader ) when he faced his first physical intervention in life.

Richard & # 8217 ; s mother notified him that it would now be him occupation to make the

shopping. The first clip he was to make the shopping on his ain, Richard

set on his manner with his basket on his arm. When he reached the corner

he was all of a sudden knocked down and robbed by a pack of male childs. Richard ran

place and told his female parent. She sent him right back out once more. This

clip the male child & # 8217 ; s crush! him and once more took his money. When Richard

returned place once more his female parent & # 8217 ; s reaction was non what he expected.

& # 8220 ; Don & # 8217 ; t you come in here & # 8230 ; You merely remain right where you are. I & # 8217 ; m traveling

to learn you this dark to stand up and battle for yourself & # 8230 ; .Don & # 8217 ; T you

come into this house until you & # 8217 ; ve gotten those groceries. & # 8221 ; ( pg.24 ) She

handed Richard some more money, and a stick, told him that if the male childs

bothered him once more to contend back and so she sent him on his manner. We

the male childs attacked him once more Richard fought back and sent them running

place to their female parents. Richard was taught doggedness by his female parent,

and that stuck with him throughout his life as one of his top


To sum things up, the rebellious nature in Richard Wright was a chief

ground why he was able to get the better of his background and go a

successful author. The fact that he was independent, intelligent, and

had sense of doggedness besides aided in his command. By reading Black

Boy it becomes clear to the reader how life can before non merely a black

male child in the Jim Crow self but how annoying it can be for any

pre-judged minority. Black Boy is able to learn readers how-to and

how-not-to dainty people. The narrative of Richard Wright will presumptively

Teach person who is racialist that there is no topographic point in the universe for

racism. Richard is able to demo the reader that people all have the

same feelings and are as likewise on the interior as they are different on

the exterior.

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