Black Heritage and the Way it Affects Women’s Lives

4 April 2015
A detailed analysis of Alice Walker’s writings about black women in society.

This paper looks at two short stories by writer Alice Walker: `Strong Horse Tea` and `The Revenge of Hannah Kemhuff`. The author examines the writer’s depiction of black women and their position in society and their responsibilities as women as part of the black heritage and tradition. The paper also analyzes the characters in the stories.
Alice Walker’s stories in In Love and Trouble: Stories of Black Women provide us with glimpses into the nature of being black and female in America, into the ways in which black women make a success of their lives (or try to make a success of their lives) by drawing on not only their own personal pasts but also on an accumulated heritage of black female traditions and knowledge. This paper examines how Walker emphasizes the importance of black heritage to her characters in two of the short stories in this book, Strong Horse Tea and The Revenge of Hannah Kemhuff”.

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Black Heritage and the Way it Affects Women’s Lives
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