Black Like Me Essay Research Paper The

9 September 2017

Black Like Me Essay, Research Paper

The black adult male in the Deep South of America was greatly despised during the 1950 & # 8217 ; s. The universe that the Negroes lived in was non the same as Whites in their society. In this book, John Howard Griffin Sacrifices his life as a middle-class white adult male and becomes a soil hapless Negro, seeking to last in the South. He merely did all of this in order to convey out the truth about what it is truly and genuinely like to be a Negro in the South during the 1950 & # 8217 ; s.

John Howard Griffin is a white journalist with a married woman and three kids. He began his undertaking of being a Negro, while he was reading a chart about suicide rates. This chart displayed that the Southern Negro adult male had a quickly increasing rate of self-destruction, because they could non see a ground to travel on as the 2nd category citizens that they had become due to their tegument colour. The Whites thought that the Negroes had it made since they had given them & # 8220 ; so much & # 8221 ; during Reconstruction. Griffin realized that the lone manner to truly see the truth about what the Negroes had to digest from twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours was to go a & # 8220 ; Negro & # 8221 ; himself.

While Griffin was anticipating biass against himself as a Negro, he went into his undertaking with an unfastened head seeking to detect the truth. He took note of all the biass of Whites against and took in consideration any Acts of the Apostless of kindness. Therefore Griffin & # 8217 ; s diary was straightforward and indifferent.

Griffin & # 8217 ; s chief end in composing this diary was to interrupt the spread between inkinesss and Whites. He was non seeking to wholly pique Whites, but cognizant them of their unfairnesss towards the Negroes. The fact that he wrote his whole escapade as a diary clearly shows his purposes. He went into the universe of the 2nd category Negro, wrote a consecutive out history of every event that happened by composing a diary. Then the reader saw what his experience was like and believed it more so since it was in a journal apparatus alternatively of a narrative apparatus.

The full attack of Griffin & # 8217 ; s research was clever, really originative, and even a spot make bolding. Not many people would wish to see that drastic alteration of life style. However it was a really efficient manner of detecting exactly what it was like to be a black adult male in the 1950 & # 8217 ; s. There truly was non any other manner for Griffin to hold researched his undertaking and acquire more accurate consequences.

John Howard Griffin mentioned throughout his diary some societal and economical jobs that the Negro in the South was confronting at that clip. He had a critical concern about the Job chances of Negroes. He noticed that the economic spread between Whites and inkinesss was tremendous. It was really rare for a black adult male to happen a nice occupation during this epoch. A black adult male with exceeding intelligence and aptitude for a occupation would lose it to a white adult male even if the white adult male incompetent and half as qualified. These are the societal jobs Griffin was troubled by.

The black adult male & # 8217 ; s economic state of affairs besides left a batch to be desired. The Negroes travel out seeking employment with invariably closing in their faces. They come place, discouraged and happen a low paying occupation that hardly pays off rent. The white people call them lazy. White persons wonder why there is so much offense in the black vicinities they do non recognize what some of them cover with everyday. Blacks could non be expected to maintain up with white society when they merely got approximately five per centum of the chances and options that Whites had.

Through this book, John Howard Griffin has successfully portrayed a black adult male in the South every bit candidly as he could. Griffin ab initio set out to see if his hypothesis was right. He besides wanted to delve every bit deep as he could for replies. His compassionate spirit and large bosom could non rest until he saw with his ain eyes what he hoped was non true. The tests and trials he experienced were seeking and sometimes seemed intolerable. It was flagitious some of the monstrous ways that usually polite people would move based merely on his tegument colour. Though these all occurred to Griffin, he took it wholly in pace.

The point that Griffin is seeking to do does non necessitate to be argued. The grounds is their, field as twenty-four hours. No 1 could read the book and non be affected someway. There are no inquiries that you could inquire to acquire around the truth of the affair. All of the cogent evidence of bias is based on existent life happenings.

Very well now I am to state you what I think of this book, Black Like Me. The chief ground I chose the topic of racism is chiefly because my roomie had suggested the subject when I asked what I should read. He is taking an African Culture Class and mentioned to me how easy it would be to associate racism to American History because of the obstructions and struggles the African Americans endured. So I went to Barnes and Noble & # 8217 ; s and Black Like Me was suggested from one of the rational pedants. I enjoyed this book a batch and thought that Griffin & # 8217 ; s scheme to detecting the truth was really originative and intelligent. I can merely conceive of what it would be like to be degraded because of your tegument colour. Although I am Chinese, I still face racism day-to-day and could ne’er genuinely understand the difference that inkinesss go through compared to Whites, unless I went to the extreme like Griffin did. He could truly understand every facet of what it is like to be of colour during the 1950 & # 8217 ; s. Griffin now understands how otherwise he was treated since he was black. His constitutional rights were stripped from him the minute he put the black pigment on. I mean John Griffin was the same adult male black as he was white, yet he was non liked and was treated like soil. It truly amazes me how people let the colour of person & # 8217 ; s tegument change their feelings toward an person.


Griffin, John Howard. Black Like Me. New York, New York: Signet Books, 1996.

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