Black Like Me Report Essay Research Paper

9 September 2017

Black Like Me Report Essay, Research Paper


In the book Black Like Me by John Howard Griffin the reader can see life on the other side of the colour line through his words. John Griffin was an writer who became another individual so he could state the narrative of being a black adult male in the 1950? s South. He went to a skin doctor and took pills to darken his tegument tone ; he used a Sun lamp to darken it more. With these methods he became black. He so traveled down to the south to populate as an unemployed author and experience foremost manus what the South was like for the black race. He befriended most black people and was ignored by most white people. In the center of the narrative he stops being black and whitens his tegument, now he goes back and goes through the South as a white individual. He is surprised how different he is treated. He can now no longer travel into the black vicinity but he can remain in the nicest white hotels and be treated like a individual. He notices how people act otherwise towards him and how his emotions are ever scared and unsure on what to make.

Fictional characters

John Griffin, in the beginning of the narrative is a white adult male from a nice vicinity with a married woman and two childs. He is average tallness but really big around the center. He is a author with a successful calling. He has an adventuresome spirit and likes to travel far with his thoughts and push things to the bounds. He knows a batch about different topics because he is after all a author. ? With my determination to go a Negro I realized that I, a specializer in race issues, truly knew nil about the Negro? s existent job? ( Griffin 8 ) . John Griffin is a author so throughout the narrative he is really descriptive and uses a batch of elaborate accounts. In the beginning of his escapade he is really frightened and intimidated about going into the South. He is scared about the people he will run into and besides about how people will respond to him. ? From the shadows, the figure of a white adult male emerged. Should I nod and state? Good Evening, ? or merely disregard him? ? ( Griffin 17 ) . He shortly realizes that there is a certain codification that black people follow. So Griffin has to detect this codification and follow it. He is treaty severely by white people and that is no surprise to him. He is stunned by their deficiency of understanding for the black people. ? At each coach halt, I sounded the doorbell, but the driver continued through the following two Michigans. He drove me eight full blocks past my original halt and pulled up merely so for the white riders? ( Griffin 48 ) .

Griffin? s minute of epiphany was when he realized that he was now a black adult male and that he had crossed the line and he could non travel back in his head.

? In the inundation of visible radiation against the white tile, the face and shoulders of a stranger-a fierce, bald, really dark Negro-stared at me from the glass. He in no manner resembled me. The transmutation was entire and flooring. I had expected to see myself disguised, but this was something else. I was imprisoned

by the flesh of an arrant alien, an unsympathetic 1 with whom I felt no affinity. All hints of the John Griffin I had been were wiped from being. Even the senses underwent a alteration so profound it filled me with hurt. I looked into the mirror and proverb reflected nil of the white John Griffin? s yesteryear. No, the contemplations led back to Africa, back to the hovels and the ghetto, back to the bootless battles against the grade of inkiness. Suddenly, about with no mental readying, no advanced intimation, it became clear and permeated my whole being. My disposition was to contend against it. I had gone excessively far. I knew now that there is no such thing as a cloaked white adult male, when the black won? t hang-up off. The black adult male is entirely a Negro, irrespective of what he one time may hold been. I was a freshly created Negro who must travel out that door and live in a universe unfamiliar to me? ( Griffin 15 ) .

He realized when he realized when he was in the swamp, and he had no nutrient, and no manner to acquire anyplace he realized that this was because he was black. He did nil to merit the intervention he was given. The colour of his tegument was finding his destiny.


The subject of this book was a black adult male in a white adult male? s universe. John gryphon wanted to travel indoors this universe to happen out what it was similar. So he dressed up as a black adult male and started life as a black adult male. Through the different experiences that he had he learned to get by with different things. He learned what happens when you are a black adult male with non many picks in life and what you need to make to populate. He met a batch of different black people and white people and he learned about what they thought about each other. He saw the different life styles and throughout the book he lived the life of both a white adult male and a black adult male. In the book one can see that to be a black adult male one must hold to be defensive and qui vive for whatever problems come along. And in the narrative that white adult male had no problem with the inkinesss unless they started it foremost and made a large trade about it. When toilet Griffin went inside this universe he found out a batch of things the good, the bad and that is the intent of this book.

Overall Opinion

My overall sentiment of the book is that it was good and it talked about a batch of really important and distressing elements in our yesteryear. When this book was written in the 1960? s there was a batch of disturbing issues that were traveling on in the universe about racial issues. This book opened the eyes of a batch of people and hopefully made them recognize what was traveling on. The portion of the book that I did non like was when in the narrative Griffin is tired of being a black adult male and changes back to white adult male. This I think says that he is a coward who can? t base being in the black universe any longer because it is excessively difficult. When truly the black adult male can? t halt being black like how Griffin merely stopped being white. This book was good written and really enlightening about the different issues that afflict our society? s history.

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