Black Panthers Essay Research Paper Today I

9 September 2017

Black Panthers Essay, Research Paper

Today I & # 8217 ; vitamin Ds like to state you about a group of people who over the old ages have gained a bad repute in the universe for merely stating the truth and seeking to suit into a society which rejects them and rejects the truth itself. The group that I am mentioning to is the Black Panthers. Most people perceive the Black Panthers as being a type of white hatred group that despise white people and doesn & # 8217 ; t want anything to make with them. This perceptual experience is due largely to the authorities and what they tell you to believe about this certain group of people. In world, the Jaguars preached equality, self-defense, and the civil and human rights of black people. So today I & # 8217 ; vitamin Ds like to assist you understand a little more about the Black Panthers with information I & # 8217 ; ve gathered from The Struggle for Black Equality and the Encyclopedia of Black America.

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The Black Panther Party for Self-Defense was founded in October 1966 in Oakland, California by Huey Newton and Bobby Seale. Seale was from Dallas and Newton from Monroe, Lousiana. They both met while go toing Merritt Junior College in Oakland in the early 60 & # 8217 ; s. The Black Panther Party & # 8217 ; s chief ends were to stop constabulary ferociousness and strengthen black communities through organisation and instruction. In October 1966, the Jaguars made their regulations and ordinances known to everyone. They were called the ten-point platform. The chief points of the platform were that the Black Panthers believed that they should be able to take their ain fate, that every adult male should be employed by the authorities to be able to back up himself and his household, and that no black adult male should function in any military subdivision. They refused to contend for a authorities that does non handle them as full citizens of the United States. The Black Panthers may hold seemed like they were revolting against America, but they were merely making what they felt was right. A major difference between the Black Panther Party and other black nationalist groups of the twenty-four hours is that they believed their female parent state was America, non Africa. They felt like they belonged in America, but were being oppressed.

One of the countries in which the Black Panthers contributed to the Black Liberation Movement was self-defence of other inkinesss. This is what separated them from other black organisations. In the 1960 & # 8217 ; s, the Jaguars used guns non for mindless force, but for self-defense. They carried guns around like billfolds to protect any black individual that was being mistreated. They besides carried guns to protect themselves from constabularies ferociousness that frequently occurred. The Black Panther Party knew that if used right,

it could give them a immense advantage over their oppressors in the Black Liberation motion.

One of the things that attracted inkinesss to fall in and back up the party was its policy of making something for the people. The Black Panthers organized community plans such as free breakfast for kids, free apparels thrusts, runs to halt drugs and offense, and a whole batch more. They made the state understand that it wanted to do America a safer, better topographic point.

The Panthers besides made important parts to the art of propaganda. They found ways to distribute their messages and thoughts across to the citizens of America such as its newspaper, mass mass meetings, speech production Tourss, mottos, postings, and even funerals. They even had adequate power to distribute its thoughts on telecasting and the wireless. The chief thought the Black Panthers had to distribute was that, & # 8220 ; We were human, we were ready for equality, and we were equal to Whites & # 8221 ; .

A batch of people disapproved of the Black Panthers methods, but the chief individual was J. Edgar Hoover. Hoover was the manager of the FBI during the Black Panther epoch and harmonizing to Hoover, they were & # 8220 ; the figure one menace to the internal security of the nation. & # 8221 ; The FBI so labeled the Black Panther Party as & # 8220 ; black racists. & # 8221 ; Hoover and the FBI used a signifier of McCarthyism against the Panthers. Harmonizing to Websters dictionary, McCarthyism is personal onslaughts by agencies of widely publicized indiscriminate allegations particularly on the footing of uncorroborated charges. Hoover called this black propaganda. The chief point of this black propaganda was to do the Black Panthers look like a bad influence for all people. For case ; the FBI made colourising books that had atrocious images of all kinds of things and blamed it on the Panthers. The FBI besides went after people who supported the party. Finally, they raided Panther central office around the state in such topographic points as Detroit, Chicago, and Philadelphia. This all led to the beginning of the terminal of the Black Panthers and everything they had done for black people.

In the terminal, the Panthers were finally unable to populate down the negative presentation and were finally shut down by authorities forces. William hoovers issue to & # 8220 ; neutralize & # 8221 ; members of the Black Panthers and the apprehensions of 100s of party members finally spelled out the death of the party. Nevertheless, the Black Panthers made a permanent feeling on the nature of non merely black patriotism and civil rights, but they helped make and actuate 1000s of immature, low-class citizens to stand up for their human rights while assisting to redefine the New America.


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