Black Plague Essay Research Paper As a

Black Plague Essay, Research Paper

As a immature grownup I must digest many chilling worlds of this universe. Everyday a new challenge, obstruction, fright stares me right in the oculus. The sugarcoated, guiltless, ? ne’er? ne’er? land is rapidly casting from my world and I am faced with the truths of this misanthropic universe. Truth. Do I cognize the significance of this word? What if all I have trusted had been false, what if those eternal darks I lied awake worried over the latest medical intelligence, or any intelligence for that affair, was all merely a waste of potentially productive clip? What if the universe as we know it was all merely a fraud and a set up to do the work forces in the white coats rich? Harmonizing to Dr. Peter Duesberg, HIV as we know it is non the cause of AIDS or decease, but instead the accustomed usage of difficult drugs and or the interventions used for HIV, AZT a really rough medicine foremost developed for the intervention of malignant neoplastic disease, that is doing the immune lack. Before I even understood wholly what sexual intercourse or endovenous drug-use was, I was told what HIV was. The? black pestilence? of the 80? s and 90? s, killing off people by the 1000s spread by unprotected sex and dirty acerate leafs. But what if this panic was intentionally inflicted as an experiment on the American people or what if was all merely a human mistake.

Dr. Peter Duesberg is a professor of molecular and cell biological science at the University of California, Berkeley. He has pioneered the surveies in the phenomenon that HIV is non the cause of AIDS. Dr. Duesberg is the first to insulate the malignant neoplastic disease cistron through his work on retroviruses and mapped the familial construction of these viruses. He is an outstanding research worker recognized by the National Institutes of Health, doing him more than creditable for his claim. Dr. Duesberg has challenged the virus-AIDS hypothesis claiming that the populace has been misinformed.

The trusters in this claim experience that HIV was invented for an account for AIDS, and every bit the interventions used were even doing the AIDS unwellness. Let? s Begin by specifying HIV/AIDS harmonizing to the World Health Organization ( WHO ) , modern scientific discipline and medical specialty and what is being taught in schoolrooms and clinics all over the universe. HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus and like any other virus can merely retroflex inside cells. In short, it attacks the? T-cells? which make up our immune system. In the concluding class of the virus the septic individual? becomes peculiarly vulnerable to the timeserving infections and malignant neoplastic diseases that typify AIDS? ( pg. 1 ) . HIV is shown to be the cause of AIDS. AIDS stands for car immune lack syndrome and is defined by a terrible depletion of t-cells and over 20 controversial degenerative and neoplastic diseases, and is 100 % fatal. But trusters in the phenomenon claim that this information is misdirecting and wrong. Dr. Duesberg has proposed the hypothesis that the assorted AIDS diseases are brought on by the long term ingestion of recreational drugs and AZT, which is prescribed to forestall or handle AIDS. In the surveies and research conducted the in the correlativity between HIV and AIDS many instances of AIDS show no mark of HIV.

? In the United States and Europe AIDS correlates to 95 % with hazard factors, such as about 8 old ages of promiscuous male homosexualism, endovenous drug usage, or haemophilia. Since AIDS besides correlates with antibody to a retrovirus, confirmed in approximately 40 % of American instances, it has been hypothesized that this virus causes AIDS by killing T-cells. Consequently, the virus was termed human immunodefieciency ( HIV ) and antibody to HIV became portion in the definition of AIDS. ? ( ) In other words scientist pinned HIV on this virus because HIV kills t-cells and AIDS putting to deaths T-cells so they must be one in the same? When we exam the hypothesis that HIV causes AIDS we must look at classical conditions for viral pathology, in which HIV violates. A virus replicates inside cells really quickly and the organic structure fights the virus through the immune system. Purportedly HIV infects the T-cells and kills them, but about 5 % of all T-cells are regenerated during the 2 yearss that it takes the virus to infect the cell. HIV replicates within 1 to 2 yearss and induces unsusceptibility within 1 to 2 months although ; AIDS follows the oncoming of antiviral unsusceptibility merely after long and unpredictable symptomless intervals averaging 8 old ages. The clip between the two is really long and unpredictable and in decision HIV show s to be deficient for AIDS and may non even be necessary for AIDS.

The AIDS diseases occur by preset anterior wellness hazard, including long term ingestion of illicit recreational drugs, and antiviral drug AZT and inborn lacks like haemophilia and those of Africa are African specific. AIDS is really different throughout the universe. American and Europe AIDS diseases consequence from recreational drug usage and anti-HIV drugs. African AIDS diseases are a consequence of protein malnutrition, hapless sanitation and subsequent parasitic infections. AIDS is acquired non transmitted and does non distribute indiscriminately between the sexes in America or Europe.

The original WHO hypothesis that HIV causes AIDS has been a immense failure in footings of profiting the populace, happening a remedy or a vaccinum. It has besides failed to foretell the AIDS diseases an septic individual may develop and whether and when an HIV septic individual is to develop diarrhoea or dementedness, Kaposi? s sarcoma or pneumonia. Besides this hypothesis fails to explicate why AIDS risks differ between different HIV groups, like blood transfusion instances and babes born to septic female parents. Now, true a medical hypothesis may non bring forth a remedy every clip but it should be able to explicate those at hazard for the disease and clip bounds in this disease among other legion other facts.

Approximately 30 % of all American and Europe AIDS patients are endovenous drug users. It is besides known that virtually 100 % of all homosexual males with AIDS or at hazard for AIDS have been long-run users of unwritten, sexy drugs, paricuarly nitrite inhalants. Besides besides recreational drugs many at hazard for AIDS patient or existent AIDS patients are treated with AZT. AZT is a really rough drug that was originally developed in the battle against malignant neoplastic disease. It works by killing all turning cells. This includes healthy 1s. Your are brought to a degree of terrible unwellness, and so in malignant neoplastic disease forbearance, when it is believed that all malignant neoplastic disease cells are dead, nursed back to wellness. Yet in AIDS instances there is no? nursing back to wellness? because the AIDS cells can ne’er be killed off. It like a prescription dose of AIDS. Let me remind you that AIDS attacks the immune system, go forthing it unable to defy disease.

AIDS occurs on an norm of 10 old ages after induction of the hazard factor in this instance drugs like cocaine, alkyl nitrites, inhalant? Poppers? and intervention for HIV like AZT, but like in any other instances of toxins in the organic structure it takes clip for disease to develop. The tobacco user does non acquire emphysema over dark nor does the drinker acquire liver cirrosis the first clip he drinks. It due to continual toxicity of the organic structure to bring forth these unwellness. AIDS diseases are partly a consequence of drug maltreatment or exposure to AZT.

Different hazard groups have risk group specific AIDS diseases, for illustration Kaposi sarcoma ; a disease of the lungs is about sole cause of decease in homophiles because homophiles are about sole users of sexy nitrate inhalants. Tuberculosis and weight loss is observed in endovenous drug users, because endovenous drugs cause those symptoms. Anemia and lymphopenia is observed in receivers of AZT, which kills developing bone marrow cells. And hemophiliacs get pneumonia and candidiases about entirely because of long term transfusions of blood and other foreign proteins. In decision there is no significant grounds that HIV is the cause of AIDS or AIDS diseases.

After acquiring all the facts it is really easy to experience uneasy about the? facts? about AIDS, as we know them. As portion of my research, I was tested for the HIV and AIDS virus. I was told that my blood sample would be tested for hints of the dislocation of my immune system, which occur every bit shortly as two hebdomad after being infected with HIV/AIDS. Traveling into this state of affairs with virtually no existent cognition of this disease or it effects on my organic structure I think I left the clinic knowing more about sex than I did the disease itself. I was asked assorted inquiries that in my sentiment had no existent correlativity with AIDS/HIV like if I enjoyed utilizing sexually related? playthings? during intercourse. Besides I was asked if I had of all time received money or equivalents to

money like autos for sexual intercourse even if it wasn? t prostetutional work. I besides left the clinic with a free supply of assorted rubbers, lubricators and spermatocides along with assorted literatures on rubber evaluations by size, texture and monetary value, and how to clean endovenous acerate leafs with bleach. After several inquiries sing what the disease really does to the organic structure, I realized that this adult female was diffident, and more interested in giving me a class in sexual intercourse instead than my wellness. Besides she asked me about my relationships with friends and household that were non- physical in anyhow. I was told that It was a potentially unsafe factor that I had a brother ( whom I haven? T resided with for quit some old ages ) that has tried endovenous drugs and every bit potentially unsafe that my female parent had done some harsh drugs in the 60? s. Along with a danger due to my roomies gay friend utilizing my public toilet. I went into the state of affairs experiencing really confident that I had no existent ground to be scared of being infected with AIDS, after all I have ne’er tried any harsh or endovenous drugs and non had multiple sexual spouses. But after go forthing at that place I felt a sense of overpowering fright that I had in some brainsick manner contracted AIDS from my tooth doctor or household physician. I realize that all HIV/AIDS trial are likely non this pathetic and it may hold been a consequence of my continual inquiring that provoked the voluntary to cover all possible evidences for possible infection. Actually the adult females seemed really nice and educated but I felt like possibly she had been mis-trained in what she should really be looking for. It was really difficult for me non to express joy at some of the things she asked and said and particularly when she voluntarily demonstrated how to decently use a rubber to a banana and how to utilize a dental dike. I don? t feel like I was being immature of cockamamie but I felt pathetic and so must she. What in the universe do physicians believe we are? I went in to acquire tested for a disease that could stop my life as I know it and do me serious hurting and agony and I am merely non discontinue certain how fruit has a topographic point in this image.

I now know that a batch of the information that I acquired at the clinic in fact was false. In fact the? AIDS trial? turns out to be proven scientifically invalid in determine whether people really have HIV. I was besides told that I was high hazard because of my age, race and ethnicticity and my gender. That alone contradicts any statistics that I have seen in where homosexual work forces and drug users are still at the highest hazard. It besides contradicts the initial spill that AID/HIV sees no colour, gender or life style. In existent research people of colour or ethnicticity merely are at a higher hazard when life in at that place native land that may or may non be healthful or have a high protein malnutrition rate. Yes, I am of Mexican decent and see myself Mexican-American but for Christ interest I have merely been to Mexico twice and it wasn? T for more than two yearss at a clip. I am certain non every African American has been to Africa or will of all time travel at that place so why are we at higher hazard than people populating right here in the provinces under the same life conditions. Some may reason that it is our familial construction that makes us a higher hazard, but this holds no H2O in a research lab or in turn outing our immune systems are some how weaker. I think it has to make more with the some stereotype that minorities are unhealthy dirty persons.

Yet beside all the outstanding grounds that supports the claim that HIV does non do AIDS and even seting aside my personal brush with the defects in HIV/AIDS proving I still must be a skeptic. Why would any one create this disease? In one survey I read it is to be believed that pharmaceutical companies largely fund the research for AIDS. Why would pharmacies desire a remedy, when so many spend 1000s of dollars on AZT and other drugs? They wouldn? T unless perchance, the drugs for the remedy mad them more money than the drugs that were suppose dainty the disease. The thought that there is a possibility that physicians may be killing of a certain group of people and taking all there money for intervention before manus is difficult to grok but possible. May this have nil to make with money at all but for power? I physicians can acquire their patients to swear them wholly than physician finally hold all the power. A perfect illustration of the entreaty to authorization false belief is being committed. There are legion possibilities why the disease could hold been created, but in utilizing Okums razor, and finding the most likely cause, it is likely human mistake. Although we still must be skeptic sing even this a possibility.

In one study we find that HIV is blaintenly claimed to be the cause of AIDS. HIV in this study is characterized by a gradual impairment of immune map. During the class of the infection, T-cells are disabled and killed and there figure increasingly declines. T-cells play a important function in the immune system in fighing off disease.

In the above research Dr. Duesberg ne’er says that this International Relations and Security Network? t the truth. Besides in this peculiar study it states that it takes about 10 old ages before the oncoming of AIDS. And the suffers of AIDS frequently suffer infections of the lungs, encephalon eyes and other variety meats and often suffer from enfeebling weight loss and diarrhoea and a malignant neoplastic disease known as Kaposi? s sarcoma. Many of the septic dies within a few old ages of developing the infections due to there weekend immune system. Dr. Duesberg ne’er argues those points either. So where is the contention? Some skeptic claim that Dr. Duesberg is merely an utmost extremist looking for a speedy ticket to fame and that he is no more believable than the following physician is.

I think that the job lies in the definition of AIDS in that HIV is a cause and the definition closely related. I think when you look at one Dr. Duesberg claim you find it to be overpoweringly incredible. Yet when you research the current information on AIDS, that is extremely credible besides. With no back land in medical specialty or research I have to recognize that I to non obtain the cognition or instruction in the human organic structure to truly state for certain that I understand the information given to me. I can though, looks at all possible hypothesis and conclude utilizing my ain cognition in which I choose to believe.

After acquiring research on AIDS/HIV from the WHO and other medical research installations, I don? t find the two hypothesis that different. I find loopholes and defects in each of the surveies. Yet there is still one major factor in which why I still remain a skeptic on this claim.

One of the claims that I failed to advert earlier was that 150 Pan troglodytess were infected with the HIV virus to prove their response to the disease. Duesberg is really speedy to indicate out that now nine old ages subsequently the Pan troglodytess are still really healthy. But the definition for HIV is HUMAN immunodiefiency virus. So how could a Pan troglodytes come down with and illness that merely onslaughts worlds? And despite the many defects in HIV/AIDS proving that I mentioned before there are many possibilities for exposure, silly or non. For the people to go educated we must acquire personal and this may include really private sexual behaviour and or drug usage. The people administrating the trial must acquire all information regardless of how utmost to find your hazard factors.

All in all I guess you truly have to make up one’s mind what is most hearty to you. I feel that both hypotheses have good points to them. I really was really suppressed on how much information was out at that place sing this topic. . I believe Dr. Duesberg hypothesis. I besides believe that a batch of his information is a spot rickety and questionable. Whatever motivations he has for perusing the probe are beside the point and rely irrelevant to me. I am non the best instance scenario for a skeptic because I tend to believe things that are most pleasing to my life. I don? T feel that I am a bad mark for the disease because I don? T usage endovenous drugs or any rough drugs for that affair and I don? t pattern multiply spouse sex or unprotected sex. This is fulfilling plenty for me non to hold to look farther into the contention because I don? t feel at hazard. If in the hereafter I become more at hazard than I will seek out more likely causes for the disease and motivations behind the surveies for the disease. Either manner I learned a really of import lesson through out this research paper and that is to non merely settle for what I am told but to oppugn everything refering my life and do educated good informed determinations, but I must state we have to pull the line some where? or do we?

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