Black Power Essay Research Paper BLACK POWER

8 August 2017

Black Power Essay, Research Paper

Black Power Essay Research Paper BLACK POWER Essay Example

BLACK POWER The book & # 8220 ; Black Power & # 8221 ; was one of the most clearest manifestations of the motion s alteration of way in the late 1960 s. Black Power was a alteration set out by one adult male to give rights back to black people and to set an terminal to bias and imperialism. One of the ends set out by Kwame Ture and Charles Hamilton, the writers of Black Power was to do black people stronger and get the better of the subjugation of a white society. Suppression by Whites was the cardinal job seeking to be solved. Trying to accomplish a new consciousness of the job, by reacting in their ain manner to a white society, was the overall end of the motion. The chief thought behind Black Power was to turn to the jobs at manus and happen solutions to them in order to happen economic, political, and societal justness. & # 8220 ; It is about black people taking attention of business-the concern of and for black people & # 8221 ; ( Ture and Hamilton,1967, XV ) . Economic jobs included non being able to afford a good instruction because of low incomes and unemployment for months at a clip. Social jobs such as deficiency of civil rights were the cardinal incentive in the Black Power motion. White extremists groups aiming black people, such as the Klu Klux Klan, besides fueled the aspiration of release of suppression. Politically, black work forces and adult females had virtually no rights, they could non vote, or be elected into office in a preponderantly white political system. As Black Power infiltrated itself into society, nevertheless, more and more political groups were being heard across the state. Politicss was the best used method of distributing the ends and purposes of Black Power. Through political groups, like the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, or the SNCC, and subsequently the Black Panther Party, the thought was made known publically. The SNCC was one of the first organisations to bring forth Black Power in the mid 1960 s. Many SNCC workers came to believe that farther advancement depended on independent black political power. Organizations such as these gave black people power and helped the economic motion. Through political relations, the European Union

onomic problems of education and jobs could be attended to. Politics led to giving more black people civil rights, allowing such things as a wider range of public school access (blacks and whites, not segregated). With black people beginning to have a voice, it would be easier to get a job when people saw you as someone who may be “important” to the community. There would still be discrimination in the work place as well as everywhere else, increased by organizations like the Black Panthers. According to Black Power, “The people must put this discrimination and prejudice behind them and move on to achieve their own hopes and goals so they may rise up above the hatred.” Many of the political organizations succeeded in the 1960 s, and the goal of establishing a voice in the public s eye was achieved. Economically some differences were made in education and employment, but these were not the main issues of the movement. Gaining civil rights and fighting for freedom was the main goal of Black Power. Through the use of politics, new civil liberties were instituted for black people helping to achieve many of the goals of the movement. While the movement may not have succeeded in all aspects such as economically, and racially, it was a pivotal action during the civil rights movement and allowed many new civil liberties. Black Power attempts to resolve the problems of black people by promoting to take action into their own hands and overwrite the order of a white male domination over society. It stresses that black people cannot wait for help, they must do for themselves. These ideas were carried out with political, social, and economical standpoints. Politics carried the Black Power movement and allowed social goals to be set as well. Through these three positions, Black Power centered on overcoming white suppression, achieving a consciousness that there is a problem, and in order to solve that problem the enemy must in turn be suppressed by them. Black Power was created to spread the idea that black people must become stronger and unite to put an end to prejudice, racism, and injustice in the black community.

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