Black Psychology Reflection Essay Research Paper Reflection

Black Psychology Reflection Essay, Research Paper

Reflection Paper ( II )

1. The participants of these offenses passed down racialist attitudes, beliefs, and patterns to their kids. They taught their kids the same thoughts they believed in, which were white domination, racism, hatred, and unfair force against their fellow human existences. I believe they taught their kids these beliefs because in more than one of the post cards I viewed I saw kids gathered around the cadavers of the lynched. They participants passed down the attitude that they were superior to inkinesss. To demo their high quality they would hang guiltless work forces, adult females, and kids. The participants besides taught their kids to handle black people as less than human existences. Their attitude towards inkinesss was that they could make and state anything to them because they were less than human existences ; they were animate beings.

2. I do believe that what was being taught in the tusk halls of instruction supported such behaviours. During the times of these lynchings most of the state was segregated and most of the Whites believed in perpetrating offenses of hatred, racism, and in the thought of separate but non equal. Since hatred was being practiced in this state it s merely logical that hatred was portion of the instruction being taught. I went on a trip last twelvemonth which cardinal intent was to learn us about the unfairnesss that went on in this state towards the black people. I saw videotapes and heard testimony from people who lived during those times admiting that what was being taught in instruction back so supported such behaviours. Since hatred was being taught in schools, so it merely makes since that the pupils would pattern this freshly learned hatred both in and out of school.

3. European historiography does back up such behaviours. Europeans composing of history Tells about the lynching, hatred, and blunt racism that went on but doesn T explicate how incorrect it was and doesn T express much compunction for the victims. The history books wear t come right and literally say that they support the behaviour of the oppressor but do so in a more elusive affair. The books explicate how bondage and lynching was merely another portion of our history that we must accept and how it was merely something that was done in those yearss. Alternatively of back uping this behavior European historiography should denounce these attitudes and behaviours. History should besides explicate that the people who committed such awful offenses were mentally ill. By admiting that the participants were mentally sick they will non be pardoning their behaviour but assisting people to recognize how ill these people were who committed these offenses and hence non assisting to back up this sort of behaviour.

4. The behaviour illustrated by the work forces and adult females who participated in the hatred crimes fits into the theoretical account of racism as a mental upset. The thought

s and beliefs of racist people fit the profile of mentally sick people. First of all the participants of these offenses were exerting white domination, which is a psychological/mental upset. They were reacting psychologically with a profound unmanageable sense of ill will and aggression toward inkinesss because of their familial colour lower status. This all steams from self-hatred, another upset. They turn their hatred of themselves into hatred for others.

5. The attitudes, beliefs, and patterns passed down to their kids by the victims likely included hatred, fright, and favoritism. The victims learned to fear and detest white people because of the manner they treated them. The victims taught their kids to lodge together with their ain sort and to remain off and have nil to make with white people. The victims would besides learn them to obey the Whites so the kids wouldn t end up physically hurt themselves. Another belief passed along was that all white people were the same, hateful, and unsafe. During those times they had merely grounds to believe that all white people were out to acquire them because, most of them were. The victims besides passed down the pattern of favoritism. No affair who the white individual was, they would dislike them because inkinesss believed that all Whites were the same. Parents taught their kids to fear Whites because they had the power to make whatever they wanted, including slaying because ; they had the jurisprudence on their side.

6. The reactionist behaviours ( pathological normality ) that members of the African-descended community adopted in order to last such a hostile environment include memory loss and disaffection. The members of the African-descended community adopted the behaviour of memory loss, the sum or partial loss of memory. They repressed from consciousness periods or episodes in their life in order to deny, flight, and avoid the reliving of certain painful feelings associated with those periods or episodes. They used memory loss to stamp down their painful memories of the awful things they experienced, so they wouldn Ts have to cover with these ideas consciousnessily.

The members of the African-descended community besides adopted the behaviour of

disaffection. Alienation is to experience estranged from or separated from ; indifferent or hostile towards ; unfamiliar with ; fearful of ; withdrawn from ; or unconnected to. Blacks alienated themselves from the members of the white community fundamentally because they had no pick but to. During these times segregation was go oning. The inkinesss separated and were hostile towards Whites because of the manner Whites mistreated them. After being discriminated against, treated merely with hatred, and being physically assaulted all the clip, members of the African-descended community had no pick but to divide themselves from and experience hostile toward the white community.

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