Black Sabath Essay Research Paper Jenny dont

10 October 2017

Black Sabath Essay, Research Paper

Jenny Don? T know what love is. But truly Jenny is the 1 that doesn? T know what love is.

Then Jenny starts to seek to acquire a drive She is running off from Forrest. Then Forrest tells her he is traveling to Vietnam. Jenny Michigans and looks at him so tells him non to be weather if you? re in problem or danger run. Forrest writes her letters mundane and so he marks every missive with Love Forrest. But Jenny sends them all back.

Well he is at that place Jenny gets into more bad relationships and drugs. Forrest and Jenny meat once more when he is stating something with Abby. They run to each other she yells Forrest and so he shouts Jenny. That dark Jenny Shows Forrest around Washington DC. Then they go to the Black Panther topographic point Jenny? s male child friend hits her Forrest kicks his buttocks and gets them thrown out they walk all dark and talk like old times. Jenny says you look fine-looking in that uniform. Jenny is a hippy and starts to utilize LSD and other drugs.

The following twenty-four hours she goes to go forth her old fellow. Forrest says come to place to Alabama and Jenny says we live two really different unrecorded so Forrest gives her his decoration. Jenny says this is yours but so Forrest says I merely did what you told me to make Jenny that? s how I got it. Jenny says you r to good to me Forrest. Forrest looks at Jenny in a loving manner as she acquire

s on the coach and gives Wesley the evil oculus.

She goes through many bad relationships get a black oculus from one of her fellows. Starts making diacetylmorphines and cocaine. Almost kills herself so she eventually realizes she can? t do this anymore. So she goes to populate with Forrest in Green Bow. They go for a walk one twenty-four hours and come to Jenny? s old house Jenny stops it gets blowy and so she starts throwing stones and so she throws her places at it. Falls to the land and starts to shout.

They go back place it is New Years now. Forrest tells Jenny I love you and she says you wear? T know what love is once more. Forrest so says I might be stupid but I know what love is Jenny. That dark Jenny goes to his sleeping room and says Forrest I do love you and so she has sex with him. Jenny thinks love is sex and I think it is because the manner she was raised.

Then she leaves she is running, running for Forrest, committedness, and most of all true love. Jenny sees Forrest running on Television writes him a litter stating to come visit her. Jenny tells Forrest he has a boy. Jenny tells him she is really ill and deceasing ( she had AIDS ) . Forrest asks Jenny to get married him they get married.

After the nuptials she dies on a Saturday. Forrest barred her under their tree. The day of the month of her decease is March 22, 1982.


all from the film Forrest Gump

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