Black swan movie review

6 June 2017

Black Swan Review In the movie Black Swan, directed by Darren Aronosk, the storyline is about a timid ballet dancer in her progress in a demanding environment of professional ballet. Throughout the film, Nina (the main character) shows countless ways of sacrificing one’s self for the positive progression of her performance. There are various times where Nina gets in touch with herself in a way to become a more efficient ballet dancer, and performer. Nina’s ballet director has a huge impact on her, influencing her ways.

He mentions how she needs to get in touch with her bad side, considering Nina’s personality is much like a the white swan being timid, innocent, and pure. There are multiple references connected to trauma based mind control which links to this different alternative person in Nina’s mind. In a way Nina is the white swan, while in the play she also plays the black swan being the bad side as well. Nina’s develops both sides of the white and black swan personality traits. Nina’s sense of reality and fictions beings to become foggy. Losing herself in a sense of insanity in her own mind.

Nina’s mother is also another link to Nina’s personality. I believe the overbearingness of her mother plays a major role in Nina’s life. I felt like the director meant to give the audience a sense that Nina’s hostile environment is also another factor. Nina’s mother was an ex ballet dancer, and only wants Nina to be successful. She inflicts her dreams on her daughter. I feel there was nothing really positive that Nina gained through her road to success of being a ballet star as black swan. Nina’s life is consumed with nothing but ballet and quickly develops an unhealthy bsession with the role.

Basically I got impression that Nina was a Schizophrenic. She was hallucinating, and seeing things in herself, people, and everything around her. She seemed to be paranoid about everything, and she barely had any trust in not only herself, her peers, and her mother especially. She had an enormous pressure to be perfect, but that only led her to put herself through some extreme limits. She continued to question her own identity, and her sexuality which is all real life issues which can cause mental issues with some people.

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