Black Veil Brides Crtique

12 December 2017

The powering licks, guitar solos and harmonies by guitarists Jake Pits and Jinx are powerful crowd rising, something reminiscent of Motley Core and KISS (their main influences). Set The World on Fire had me running through my house air guitar-inning and pretending I was playing a sold out arena. It is a much more confident and dominating sound than their first record “We Stitch These Wounds”. With the addition of new Drummer Christian “C.

C. ” Coma, the band grows a lot more than on the first record. The beat is more loud and crazy.They won “Best New Band” at this gear’s Golden God Awards and “Best International Newcomer” Kerning Awards. Upon accepting his lifetime achievement award rock legend Alice Cooper (of Alice Cooper Band) shouted them out for keeping rock theatrical, having a strong image, and entertaining fans in a way that has been missing In rock for over 20 years. The band sets a new standard for themselves with this record and fans should not expect anything less than this quality after this record. “Set the World on Fire” Is sure to please fans and extend the bands growing base even further.

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