Black ; White by The Maine

8 August 2019

“All we got is what’s left to take,
Hearts so pure in its broken place,
Because we are lovers lost in space,
We’re searching for our saving grace.”

Those are the chorus lyrics to “Saving Grace”, one of the best tracks (in my opinion) on The Maine’s newest album, Black and White. In my opinion, The Maine has done it again. They have a great album here, that anyone can enjoy. The lyrics are a little “dirtier” than their debut album, but their sound has not changed.

They are still the same in some ways but different in others. For example, their lyrics are still deeply meaningful, yet fun. I would strongly recommended purchasing the album as a whole. If you are a fan of The Maine, then you should love most (if not every!) song on the album.

Although, if you cannot purchase the full album, some tracks I recommend listening to are: Color, Listen to Your Heart, Growing Up, and Inside of You. Also, if you buy the deluxe version of the album, it has two acoustic versions, which are fantastic.

The Maine has done it again; they’ve come up with hit lyrics, and still have that awesome pop/rock sound to them. I will surely be listening to this album over and over, learning all the lyrics. It’s a great buy.

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