Blackmail Essay Research Paper Critical Philosophy PaperFMS

Blackmail Essay, Research Paper

Critical Philosophy Paper

FMS 106

Tom Ellis

I will be discoursing John Stuart Mill & # 8217 ; s positions on paternalism. I will reason how I feel about the topic. Then I will seek my best to set myself into Mill & # 8217 ; s places, argue back and seek to see if I can understand where he is coming from with his statements on paternalism. I plan on stating that there should be certain types of Torahs for different types of paternalistic Acts of the Apostless, weak and strong for illustration. The Torahs should depend on what goes on when that act occurs and besides after that act. I have strong positions against Mill on the general manner that he explains paternalism, but when I read more into deepness Mill truly says what I think should truly be done.

My position toward paternalism is slightly different from that of Mill because Mill believes that there should be a jurisprudence merely against person harming person else.

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Blackmail Essay Research Paper Critical Philosophy PaperFMS
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I believe that this is a start. Let & # 8217 ; s say that you have a strong relationship with a individual who all of a sudden wants to kill himself or herself. It would be morally incorrect non to seek to halt that individual from killing him or herself, because you are emotionally attached to that individual and their decease will in bend hurt you so such. That individual might hold meant the universe to you and now that he or she is gone you might get down to experience that there is no point in life besides and so you reasonably much get down a alteration reaction of conveying everyone down around you. Besides, I am non stating that this should be the lone ground for stepping in if person is seeking to perpetrate self-destruction, it is merely one of many grounds.

Mill would likely travel right to the word & # 8220 ; morally & # 8221 ; and would probably state, & # 8220 ; Should we establish all our Torahs on ethical motives & # 8221 ; ? Then he might state: & # 8220 ; if you believe that so, whose ethical motives should we establish them on & # 8221 ; ? All people & # 8217 ; s ethical motives are non the same. Everyone does non believe likewise. Some might believe if, that individual does non desire to populate so allow him or her be, allow him or her do their ain thing and acquire it over with, we do non necessitate people on this Earth like that. Some of the others might non care one-way or the other. The last few would hold with me about halting the individual from perpetrating self-destruction. I feel it would be morally incorrect non even seek to halt that individual from perpetrating self-destruction. Normally a individual that wants to perpetrate self-destruction is non mentally sane in the manner of doing a determination to kill him or herself. So, it would non be consented to harm which so it would be morally incorrect to non seek to halt them, this would be an illustration of weak paternalism. If a individual was enduring in a infirmary bed and wanted to draw the stopper the it would be consented to harm to oneself and would be morally incorrect to halt that individual, because you will be doing that individual more injury that if they were dead, this is an illustration of strong paternalism. If Mill explained his weak and strong paternalism better so, I would hold agreed with him from the beginning.

Indecent exposure could perchance be harmful to a individual because I have met a miss here at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro and she can hardly stand some words that come out of people & # 8217 ; s oral cavities and for person to expose him or herself could quite perchance traumatise her or some people like her to make this would be strong paternalism. It is morally incorrect to expose oneself to others, unless you have the consent of that individual, if you do non so it is common sense non to expose yourself to others. Reasonably much the lone clip you would acquire consent is when you and your spouse are about to make some kind of sexual oriented activity or at a strip nine, this is an illustration of weak paternalism because at a strip you can take to travel indoors or non. You know what goes on behind those walls, so you pretty much waive your rights to holding person non expose him or herself to you.

Factory might state that person should non be offended or harmed by a individual exposing him or herself in populace. He might state that people have a pick whether to look or non. This would do some sense if that individual were non traumatized at first glimpse. Factory might even travel so far as ; he has a right to expose himself in public if he would wish. In the illustration you read to us, when the adult male used a portable lavatory and reasonably much allow everyone see what he was making, I believe that his actions would gross out and slightly traumatise many people in this universe.

Ethical motives one time once more should be what Torahs are based on

, because if they were non, this universe would be in complete pandemonium. Men, adult females, kids could make whatever they wanted to make, rob Bankss, battered people, and even kill people without any effects to worry approximately at all. I besides agree with Mill that something might be morally incorrect for one individual and non another. So I would still travel with the bulk on the morality judgement. Most of the Torahs are based on bulk anyhow. Seatbelts, rummy drive, assault, robbery and slaying are rebelliously in the bulk of non leting them to be committed without a punishment.

Seat belts are lifeguards, and people who wish non to have on them are fools. There is a jurisprudence about seat belts because they save people & # 8217 ; s lives. If a individual wants to do an incommodiousness to person, Mill says this is all right. Say that I pop a individual & # 8217 ; s tyres, which would be an incommodiousness to person. What if that individual became really sick and had to travel to the infirmary highly rapidly and could non because I popped his or her tyres on his or her auto. So, by me starting the tyres on the vehicle in bend made that individual dice because that individual did non have the intervention needed to assist his or hers state of affairs. I believe that would be considered manslaughter, because it is merely like if you take a Stop mark down and a individual about wrecks, so that would be an incommodiousness to the individual in the auto, but if a individual is killed because you took down that mark, you would likely be brought up on manslaughter charges and most likely found guilty.

I believe that Mill would state that a individual has the right non to have on a seat belt if his or her feels like non have oning one. He might state that it is his or hers life in hazard and he or she can make whatever he or she would wish with his or her life. He might besides state that no 1 has control over any other individual, so if they choose to non believe twice approximately have oning a seat belt, so allow his or her discovery out the difficult manner about clangs. I sometimes do non have on my seat belt in my auto because sometimes I have a head set that & # 8220 ; it will non go on to me & # 8221 ; , so a individual might calculate why waste the few seconds it takes to set a seat belt and have that incommodiousness of that material rubbing your cervix when you can acquire off to a quicker start and non hold a strap rubbing your cervix at all times while driving. This would be an illustration of strong paternalism because the jurisprudence enforces the seat belt jurisprudence with utmost bias.

Now, I agree with incommodiousness to oneself should non hold a jurisprudence against it at all. For illustration, you volitionally leave your Windowss open and so it rains outside subsequently on in the twenty-four hours. Your place is wet when you ride to work. That kind of material happens and you can non truly do a jurisprudence about a individual troubling him or herself because he or she normally know what him or her is acquiring into when he or she does his or her act or Acts of the Apostless. In some instances he or she might non cognize what he or she is making because of an overwhelming emotion. If a individual takes a chiropteran to his auto because he or she can non repair it, so he or she has to cover with paying for new Windowss and material like that. When he or she realizes that all he or she had to make was reconnect the battery overseas telegrams or something existent simple like that, so he or she would see the existent incommodiousness that he or she could hold saved him or herself by maintaining it cool and seeking all options once more alternatively of losing his or her pique. That is merely one illustration why I believe that there should non be a jurisprudence against person troubling him or herself for making something stupid and nescient.

I believe that Mill is incorrect in most of his statements, on the & # 8220 ; cover & # 8221 ; , but one time you read more into deepness about his weak and strong paternalism so he has some valid points that I agree with wholly. If he would hold explained the weak and strong paternalism portion straight out alternatively of doing the reader read an assume that this is what he meant so a batch of people would hold with what he is seeking to state. Since he did non make that demur for when he said there should be a jurisprudence about a individual harming person else I did non truly take sides with him at all, until I read more into deepness. I am merely a individual that likes to assist people every bit much as I can. I think about people more that I think about myself. So if I can halt person from harming him or herself, so I am traveling to seek to make it. So, in decision I believe that all people have the same rights, it is merely what they decide to make with them is what is incorrect.

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