Blacks Treated As Lower Class Citizens Essay

9 September 2017

, Research Paper

Blacks Treated as Lower Class Citizens

The black community in the United States of America has ever been the

mark of bias from the Whites. The Constitution of America states all work forces

should hold equal rights, but alternatively of following the fundamental law Whites have

treated the inkinesss as lower- category citizen. An illustration that the black community

has been treated as a lower category citizen they were being persecuted for seeking

to acquire an instruction. The following illustration that the black community was being treated

as lower category citizens is shown when the inkinesss could non have a just test

in the tribunals. The concluding illustration that the inkinesss have non been treated as peers

was when they could non acquire a nice occupation. The black community has ever been

treated as a lower- category citizen non merely in the past, but besides in today & # 8217 ; s


The first illustration that the black community has been treated as a lower-

category citizen was when they couldn & # 8217 ; t acquire a good instruction. & # 8220 ; Besides, those doors

are ever unfastened to them? But most are deprived of instruction? This gets easier and

easier until she comes up with still another kid to abort or back up, But none

of this is & # 8216 ; Negro-ness & # 8217 ; & # 8221 ; ( Griffin 92 ) . This quotation mark shows that the inkinesss were

deprived of an instruction, and a good instruction is normally a symbol of middle- or

higher- category citizen. & # 8220 ; They are so near to their ascendants learned to read and

write at the hazard of terrible penalty, that acquisition is about a sacred

privilege ( Griffin 125 ) . & # 8221 ; This quotation mark shows how the Whites had deprived them of

an instruction for many centuries. The quotation mark besides shows how an instruction is a

privilege for a lower category citizen and is taken for granted for middle- and

higher- category citizens.

In today & # 8217 ; s society inkinesss are still being persecuted in schools. An

illustration in today & # 8217 ; s society that inkinesss are still being discriminated against is

in Corvallis, Oregon. At Oregon State University the white pupils and module

are invariably hassling inkinesss. & # 8220 ; Peoples look at me like I & # 8217 ; m a goon pack

member, & # 8221 ; said a football participant at the university ( Cain ) . This quote negotiations about

how a batch of inkinesss are viewed as a stereotypic mobster which is considered a

lower- category citizen in most people & # 8217 ; s eyes. At the same campus a black

authorities campaigner & # 8217 ; s postings were defaced ( Cain ) . This shows that the white

community does non desire inkinesss in a high authorities place. A authorities

place is a symbol of a higher- category citizen and since Whites defaced the

postings it is clear that the Whites treat inkinesss as lower- category citizens.

The following illustration that shows that the Whites were being treated as lower-

category citizens was the manner the inkinesss could non acquire justness in the judicial

system. & # 8220 ; Mississippi has long had a repute of neglecting to penalize white work forces

accused of condemnable Acts of the Apostless against Negroes & # 8221 ; ( Griffin 50 ) . This quotation mark shows the

unfairness of the judicial system. Since merely lower- category citizens are looked

down upon and are non treated reasonably, the quotation mark implies that the inkinesss are

treated as lower-

category citizens. Another illustration that the inkinesss did non have

justness in the judicial system was during the Parker Lynch instance ( Griffin 50 ) .

Even though the F. B. I. provided grounds placing the lynchers, they still

went free. This shows that a black adult male can non have justness even when

murdered. In the fundamental law it states that all work forces will have a just test,

and since the inkinesss can non have a just test, the quotation mark implies that inkinesss

are lower than Whites.

In today & # 8217 ; s society the same exact thing is go oning. Blacks can non

have any justness in the judicial system. & # 8220 ; A batch of white people will convey

bias denial to a state of affairs? the first Rodney King test where you had the whole

crushing incident on tape? the chiefly white jury found the constabulary non guilty.

( Rodriguez ) & # 8221 ; This quote clearly shows that a black adult male can non acquire a just test.

Which besides implies that he is non worthy plenty to have the rights the

fundamental law gives him and that he is a low- category citizen who can non have

any justness. Another illustration in today & # 8217 ; s society where inkinesss can non have

justness is during the O. J. Simpson test. & # 8220 ; There are non merely cases of

racial insensitiveness? the denial of due procedure, of indefensible hunts, of

illegal ictuss, of all the charges inkinesss have been doing all along.

( Rodriguez ) & # 8221 ; This quotation mark shows that even a celebrated black adult male like O. J. can non

have a just test. This shows that inkinesss can ne’er be equal and will ever

be a lower-cla US Secret Service citizen.

The last manner inkinesss have been treated as lower- category citizen was the

manner that the inkinesss had a difficult clip acquiring a occupation or acquiring by on the occupation the

inkinesss already have. An illustration of this is when Griffin tried to happen a occupation, but

no affair how qualified or good dressed he could non acquire a occupation ( Griffin 43 ) .

This shows that most employers did non desire any inkinesss working for them no

affair how qualified, and if you do non hold a occupation it symbolizes a lower- category

citizen. & # 8220 ; Do you cognize how long we & # 8217 ; d last, making something like that & # 8221 ; ( Griffin

108 ) . This quotation mark shows the small power the inkinesss have over their occupations and how

easy they could hunger to decease. The lower- category citizen normally has an

inferior occupation, so this quotation mark shows how they are lower- category citizens.

In today & # 8217 ; s society there are still favoritisms on the occupation site.

& # 8220 ; Black jellybeans, & # 8221 ; Texaco functionaries said ( & # 8221 ; Change in Course & # 8221 ; ) . Harmonizing to

this quotation mark it is clear there is racism at the occupation site and that the inkinesss have

no power what- so- of all time, and no power means that you are considered lower so

the Whites.

It is clear that inkinesss were and are still treated as lower category

citizens. It is clear that the inkinesss could non acquire an equal opportunity to acquire an

instruction. It is besides clear that inkinesss could non have any justness in the

judicial systems. Blacks could non even acquire a nice occupation to draw him into the

higher category. Although we might hold improved a small on some of these jobs,

they are still go oning. In the hereafter we should endeavor to do everyone equal.


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