Blackwater Park(2001) by Opeth

I’ve talked about them before and I will do it again. Opeth, arguably one of the biggest prog gods of today, they are able to combine elements of black metal, death metal and Pink Floyd esque sounds to make something as good as this. Blackwater Park is Opeth`s fifth album and boy is it brutal. With eight tracks mostly in the 8 to 10 minute marks, this album is hard as balls. From tracks like The Funeral Portrait to Harvest, to the title track, their is so much going on, so much atmosphere within that it just makes you want to wake up and smell the roses.
I would especially like the tracks Harvest and Blackwater Park. Harvest because it is much different from the rest being clean vocals and nothing but acoustics and drums. Blackwater Park because it is the epic, why else? I can’t find anything wrong with this at all, in fact, when it comes to new Opethians, they always begin with either this or Ghost Reveries but let me tell you, this is a much better stepping stone,to Opethian status. Do start with this album and if you don’t like it, that’s on you because this is a great release no matter what. Thanks for your time.
I give this album a 10/10. I am the Grim Reaper, signing off.

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