Blade Runner Response

1 January 2017

Scott demonstrates through various examples of Deckard’s behavior that the main attributes of being human is showing passions and emotions such as empathy, hate, love, compassion and even anger. By revealing Deckard as a replicant, Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner suggests that to find what it really means to be alive, one must consider the possibility that humanity may exist in biotechnology. When Deckard informs Rachael that she is a replicant, explaining that her photos are not real, only implanted memories, his reaction to her tears effectively demonstrate his honest emotional response.

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He tries to make her feel better by saying, “Ok, bad joke. I made a bad joke. You’re not a replicant. No, really. I’m sorry. ” This display of empathy, that not even some of the true humans of Deckard’s time could accomplish, vividly demonstrates the nature of humanity. As a replicant, Deckard is supposed to be a genetically engineered being devoid of humanity and, yet, in this scene, Deckard begins to care about another person. His desire to console Rachael expands the concept of acceptable replicant behavior. With this simple display of emotion, Deckard, as a replicant, is perceived as becoming more human.

By recognizing beauty in Rachael, Deckard’s humanity is further validated. As Deckard’s feelings towards Rachael develop, additional emotions are revealed. When Rachael asks if Deckard saw her incept date, he turns away, looks downward and replies, “I (pause) I didn’t look at them. ” However, this is not likely to be true. By not disclosing that information, Deckard shows compassion and mercy. The nature of humanity is to value life and the desire to live longer is a desire that we attribute to natural beings. Rachael does not want to die nor does she really want to know when that inevitable event will occur.

By protecting Rachael from living in fear, the fear that knowing her incept date would evoke, Deckard essentially behaves more human than humans of his time. In essence, this event reflects that the replicants are not only achieving humanity, they are moving toward the ideal of humanity. Through the various scenes with Deckard and Rachael, Scott alludes to the idea that to be alive one must have empathic responses. While evolution is constantly mixing DNA, the rate of change caused by biotechnology is much greater.

Because of this great change, it is difficult to imagine that human nature can follow. Thus, the replicants were believed to be devoid of humanity. Yet, during Deckard’s interactions with Rachael, he shows both empathy and compassion: very human traits. By doing so, he has demonstrated the nature of humanity. Therefore, the evidence of specific human traits suggests that humanity may exist in biotechnology. A replicant stops being just a replicant and becomes human when he has feelings, passions and emotions. Works Cited Blade Runner The Final Cut

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