BladerunnerFahrenheit 451 Essay Research Paper The films

9 September 2017

Bladerunner/Fahrenheit 451 Essay, Research Paper

BladerunnerFahrenheit 451 Essay Research Paper The films Essay Example

The movies & # 8220 ; Bladerunner & # 8221 ; and & # 8220 ; Fahrenheit 451 & # 8221 ; are similar in the manner they show emotions in their word pictures of distopias. The emotions shown are non normal to us, but are controlled by the authorities. The dwellers of these universes are being persuaded that emotions are bad, unhealthy. However, some do interrupt free from the system. The instances in these films are non of truly populating at all, but merely of traveling through the gestures of life.

The film & # 8220 ; Bladerunner & # 8221 ; was about humanoids that were made to non hold feelings and non to populate longer than 4 old ages. Rachel is a good illustration of they tried to command emotions. As one of the new theoretical account replicants, Rachel was implanted with memories and could remember emotions. What she did non recognize was that her memories were truly the memories of her shaper & # 8217 ; s niece. She did non even cognize she was an android until Decker did the trial on her. She was really disquieted when she realized that he was right, because she did non cognize what feelings were existent and what feelings belonged to person else. She worked with the adult male that created humanoids, the proprietor of the Tyrell Corporation, which makes her more disquieted that she did non cognize. This is when she exclaims to Decker, & # 8220 ; I am non in the concern, I AM the business. & # 8221 ; Although she though she was populating a normal human life, Rachel was traveling through the gestures of everything worlds do, but she did non hold existent feelings or even her ain memories. Therefore, she was non even being her ain ego.

Another facet of the film & # 8220 ; Bladerunner & # 8221 ; is of those that broke off from the system. The & # 8220 ; Nexus 6 & # 8221 ; were humanoids that developed emotions and escaped from bondage, because they wanted to populate longer. Roy and Priss are good illustrations of humanoids demoing that they have emotions. They were manipulative, passionate for what they wanted, and even had loving sides. Roy was the leader of the & # 8220 ; Nexus 6 & # 8221 ; and Priss was his girlfriend. Priss acted like a incapacitated miss to acquire J.F. Sebastian to allow her into his house, into which she subsequently let Roy. They made J.F. demo them to the proprietor of the Tyrell Corporation & # 8217 ; s house, so they could contend to acquire an extension on their lives. When they realized that they were non traveling to acquire a longer life, Roy killed Tyrell out of choler. Roy and Priss besides had a love for each other. When Roy saw Priss lying dead on the land, he was filled with unhappiness. He looked so wounded and gave her one last buss to demo that his love for her would non decease. Besides, even though Decker had killed Priss, Roy was compassionate plenty to salvage Decker & # 8217 ; s life and non allow him fall off the top of the edifice. This proves that some humanoids were able to interrupt out of the system and have their ain emotions.

In & # 8220 ; Fahrenheit 451 & # 8221 ; no one truly thought for themselves at all, besides the few who went against the jurisprudence and read books. The authorities convinced people that feelings were bad by maintaining

them happy on pills, watching Television all twenty-four hours long, and censoring books. They banned books because books bring up feelings and emotions that make you think about “unpleasant” things. When Montag read a subdivision of a love scene in a book to Linda’s friends, they got disquieted and left. They said that books were atrocious things, and one adult female even cried hysterically because she couldn’t retrieve the last clip she felt the feelings that she had from that reading. Linda was a premier illustration of controlled emotions. She spent all twenty-four hours watching Television and thought that it was her household, and she thought that she was the lone individual being talked to by them. She besides ever took pills to “make her feel better.” When she overdosed on pills, Montag called the physician and was asked if his married woman took pills, to which he replied, “Of course.” It was as if he was stating, “Yes, because who doesn’t take pills? ” Montag was the lone one worried about Linda. The paramedics were really unagitated, even when they found her in a coma-like province. Montag was told that they see about 50 instances a twenty-four hours precisely like hers. Linda even chose to turn her hubby in for reading so she could delight “the family” . The authorities controlled her emotions so much that she did non even have existent love left for her hubby. She would instead be in the whole, that support the single she was supposed to love everlastingly. Populating on pills to be happy and holding the Television think for me does non sound like a good life to me.

Montag was the 1 that broke out of the system in & # 8220 ; Fahrenheit 451 & # 8221 ; . In the beginning of the film, he was one of the mindless firemen that went around firing books and collaring people who read. However, when he started reading he realized all of the emotions that he had been losing out on and how emotionally-numbed the remainder of the universe was. He wanted his married woman to understand, so he read to her and her friends. She had been brainwashed non to desire anything to make with books, and that merely made her more disquieted. He did non desire to be a fireman any longer, but he wanted to read all the clip, merely to larn and experience more. However, he could non make that where he lived. Montag had to run off and unrecorded with the people like him, the few others that broke off from the system.

When the universe tries to command the dwellers & # 8217 ; emotions, it is bad, because so the people are non truly populating their ain lives. The people depicted in these films did non cognize the significance of life. They merely knew how to move the manner the were supposed to, except for the few instances that managed to get away the system. Having memories implanted in you and taking pills to be happy both seem to rip off a individual from their life every bit. I think that Roy and Priss and Montag were happy to be able to get away the system and have their ain emotions, even if they had to lose their & # 8220 ; normal & # 8221 ; lives. Personally, I believe that a life where your emotions are controlled would be tiring and non deserving life.


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