Blair Witch Project An Analytical Essay Essay

9 September 2017

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Blair Witch Project

An Analytic Essay

Anita Maiezza

Power of movie

David Grey

December 5, 2000

The Blair Witch Project is a mock docudrama on three movie pupils: Heather, Mike and Shaun, who go out and hit their ain docudrama on the Blair Witch. This Blair Witch seemingly haunts a wood in Burkittsville Maryland and these pupils are traveling to happen out at first hand if this rumour is true. Unfortunately this rumour turns out to be fact and all three characters are finally hunted and killed by the Blair enchantress. The scene which I have chosen to analyse is a short 10 2nd scene near the really terminal of the film. In this scene we see a close up of Mike, from a diagonal angle. Mike is swaying back and Forth and so yawns. This scene is cardinal point were the spectator realizes that there is no hope for MIke and Heather. The forests are merely excessively huge for these inexperient pupils.

In this scene, Mike is have oning his back pack that is bigger than him bespeaking the the load he has to transport. Besides the load it can besides stand for all the force per unit area he is under at this peculiar point. The back pack, being larger than he is can be a metaphor for how little and undistinguished he is in comparing to the colossal trees around him. The fact that the straps are so large and that they wrap around Mike can demo how he is wholly engulfed by this force per unit area, merely like he is surrounded by the trees. The back pack and trees wholly overpower Mike, doing him to experience incapacitated and miniscule, like a kid.

The 2nd image chosen is Mike swaying back and Forth, followed by the oscitance. In most scenarios kids rock themselves when they are nervous. This clearly hints that Mike, an mean sound technician is no

longer himself but instead person else who is overtaken by the enormousness of the wood. The oscitance gives Mike the guiltless expression that merely a kid possesses so the spectator is led to believe that Mike is a mere kid in comparing to the wood. A closer expression at Mike exposes his face fungus, beliing the childlike artlessness, so the component of confusion is a prevailing 1. ( seeing as how Mike and Heather are lost and confused. ) The rocking can besides picture an autistic individual. In this instance it is apparent that Mike has lost his head and swaying back and Forth will convey him repose.

The trees non merely environ Mike in every way but in this scene they are changeable diagonally. This is decidedly non natural, normal and non something that a wholly sane individual would see. Obviously Mike is non sane any longer. His universe has been turned upside down. The trees add a sense of confusion and freak out that Mike, every bit good as the audience feels. By looking at the trees in the background the spectator has a opportunity to look into Mike? s head and see the current state of affairs through his eyes. Mike has no sense of judgement left and can non right perceive what is traveling on around him.

From the minute all three characters enter the forests, they are little compared to the enormousness of the trees and inexperient, merely like kids. They have no power over what is traveling on and what is traveling to go on. They, like kids do non cognize where they are traveling and lose themselves really rapidly as the narrative returns. At the terminal of the film Mike and Heather go on a really confusing and insane hunt for their spouse Shaun. At the really end Mike and Heather are murdered by the? Blair Witch? . This enchantress made Mike face the wall while Heather was being murdered, merely like the kids.


Blair enchantress undertaking

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