Blake and Manet

4 April 2015
A comparative essay of the poetry of William Blake and art of Edouard Manet.

This is a paper that analyzes and contrasts the style and technique of the poet William Blake and the artist Edouard Manet. The author compares between the styles of Blake?s poem London which portrays traditional societal values and Manet?s painting “Luncheon on the Grass”, which breaks all traditional thoughts and ideas, in an attempt to contrast their artistic intentions.
“Blake’s poetry is a masterpiece. The poem under discussion is one of his finest poems wherein he talks about young children on the streets of London, his town. He talks of these children in a slightly amused, slightly chiding manner. The poem has three stanzas, each containing two rhymed couplets. The lines are longer than is typical for Blake’s Songs, and their extension suggests the train of children processing toward the cathedral, or the flowing river to which they are explicitly compared. The form of expression is unique as Blake narrates in another’s voice. He says the children are actually angels of God and speaks of them grandiosely as singing like the ‘mighty wind’ and ‘harmonious thundering.”
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