Blake and the Johnson Circle

7 July 2017

William and the circle of the publisher, Joseph Johnson 2) Mary Woolgathering and Blake: Woolgathering’s The rights of Women and Flake’s Vision of the Daughters of Albino —-Children, education and solicitation- Woolgathering’s children’s books and Flake’s Songs of Innocence of Experience Enlightenment and Romantic”opposition to each other, Continuity?

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Caricature binary opposites BLAKE Blake 1957, tradesman’s son Private nurturing environment in his family”Apprenticeship- Personal view of the world, imaginative visions Optimistic with the French revolution, radical Johnson- a publisher of romantic authors, 1791 flake’s work French revolution: anon, Woolgathering- Rights of women “Where is then the sexual difference, when the education has been the same” Rights of Women- criticized for not being structured, social attitudes towards women, identifies women as rational creatures, able for critical reasoning if only the same opportunity for education.

Women wasting time on sexual allure, dishonest to trick men to marry them. Marriage- Legal prostitution Feminist tradition, comparison between condition of women and that of slaves- Many are the causes that, in the present corrupt state of society contribute to enslave women”. Women no choice but to be abject slaves. Campaign against slavery- Woolgathering’s comparison impacting? Flake’s illustrations and engravings about slavery Europe supported by America and Africa exploiting servants?

Statesman’s Narrative of a Five Year’s Expedition against the Revolted Salves of Saurian (1896) Visions of the Daughters of Albino * Tied to each other in mutual bondage. ”sun all seeing eye, hell created here in place of heaven”tied to each other. * Branding a slave”raping a woman putting Nan’s mark on her: radical critique Many gothic novels preoccupation with rape and perceptions of women.

Blake recognizes the terrorist function of sex in his society and explores rape an act of violence. Women talked about as land- mother nature. Analogy- Sex and making land fertile- ownership. Blake recognizes these analogies towards women. Virgin territory being fertilized by male farmer- becomes his territory. Trencherman- tormented by god. Policing children in a sinister way- children need to be taught things and tamed in Flake’s poems. Blake and the Johnson Circle By profanity’s

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