Bleach by Nirvana

9 September 2019

Almost everyone has heard of Nirvana, but most of them have only listened to In Utero, Nevermind, Unplugged in New York, or perhaps even just “About a Girl” which is on this album and featured in quite a few videogames. All of these people are also missing out. A long time ago, before Kurt Cobain and his jolly crew hit the big time, they were roadies for The Melvins because they truly enjoyed the music. It is said that imitation is the best form of flattery, so Cobain wrote something of a tribute to his idols and thus was born Bleach, the most raw piece of work Cobain ever put out. The bass is a low-rumbling monster that manages to keep something of a groove feel, the guitars are raucous and chunky, and while the drumming may not be that spectacular, Cobain’s screams, not found anywhere else in his works, are ragged, rough and to the edge of bleeding agony. This album is definitely Nirvana’s magnum opus and received a band-sanctioned reissue by Sub-Pop Records, perhaps the only good happening after Cobain’s suicide.

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