Bleak House by Charles Dickens

An analysis of the literary work “Bleak House” by Charles Dickens, with the purpose of discerning and discussing the prevailing genres that have been employed.

This paper evaluates the thematic, stylistic and political content of Charles Dickens’ more mature work, Bleak House. This paper discusses the modes of genre in which this novel could be categorized.
The later works of most creative genii have been construed as practically spiritual manifestations as it is in this period that the definitive masterpieces are known to emerge, such as Shakespeare’s late romance play, The Tempest, or Mozart’s Magic Flute. Shakespeare’s genres grew less palpable, and the music of Beethoven became more unearthly than ever before. In the same manner, a more mature work in Dickens’ career, Bleak House, proved to be more obscure in the rendering of genre, and instead, bears its weight equally with the tone of a popular melodrama, a realist novel, moral fairytale, political satire and a hard-boiled detective story, encapsulating the richest elements from his previous works.

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Dickens’ unrelenting concern for harmonious social order, justice, and universal comfort became the major motifs throughout his writing, in which he produced a cross-section of characters from his society, and duly criticized or embraced their behavior in relation to their context. In the Victorian period for which Dickens wrote, London society was notoriously bleak, dank, and disorderly. In Bleak House, Dickens succeeds in revealing the corrupted behavior of the court and the idleness of the general public. Social mayhem marks the predominant hue for his canvas, and the city of London is painted with heavy grey strokes. It could well be that Bleak House represents the highest point of his intellectual maturity.

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