Blendtec Case Essay Sample

9 September 2017

For the new media assignment our group decided to analyze a societal media instance. We found the Blendtec instance to be highly interesting and powerful to be shared with the remainder of pupils. The instance describes the tremendous success. “Blendtec” . an American maker of high public presentation lasting liquidizers had with the aid of Social media selling.

The narrative of Blendtec. a company founded by Tom Dickson starts in 1975 in Utah. USA. Tom utilizing a various vacuity cleaner motor combined it with a rotor and stator micronetic-milling chamber. which helped mill wheat rapidly and expeditiously. To get down the concern. Blendtec was provided with the start-up capital by the K-TEC Kitchen Mill. Old ages subsequently as the smoothy revolution was heating up. companies turned to Blendtec to develop high acting. lasting liquidizers for commercial usage ( Blendtec 2012 ) . Today Blendtec liquidizers are used by eating houses. java stores. smoothy bars and domestic families.

Since Blendtec had really little advertisement budgets in the beginning. they had to come up with particular viral advertisement musca volitanss that could be found on. or promoted through. societal media platforms. The company’s new Marketing Director George Wright found out that CEO Tom Dickson and his R & A ; D Team tested their merchandises by intermixing up wood or other robust stuffs ( Briggs 2009 ) . He saw this as a great manner of selling and asked Dickson to make his unusual quality-control technique trial on camera for posting the short picture online. He bought some marbles. a profligate. a six pack of sodium carbonate. a fast-food value repast and golf balls. set Dickson in forepart of a camera. have oning a lab coat. and asked him to intermix the purchases. These series of pictures were introduced to the populace in 2006 and are known as “Will it Blend? ” ( Briggs 2009 ) .

The picture series on YouTube was an instant success for Wright and Blendtec. In the first hebdomad of publication they had more than six million hits. Sometimes subsequently the company was granted advertisement rights by Yokel! and Google. Blendtec besides used “The YouTube Tags” . which are of import picture ranking factors in YouTube hunt consequences to better the figure of search engine hits ( Briggs 2009 ) .

Within two old ages and 186 pictures subsequently. the run helped to increase retail liquidizer gross revenues by 700 per centum and made Dickson an Internet famous person. Blendtec has received several awards for their selling scheme. including Clio Award. The net Award for viral selling made the YouTube Awards short list in 2007 ( Renberg Winters 2009 ) . Furthermore. Blendtec had several Television visual aspects. planetary interviews. print and electronic articles and web log entries or co-promotions ( Nike. Google or AT & A ; T ) ( Briggs. C. 2009 ) .

After the tremendous success of their viral pictures on YouTube. Blendtec created their ain web site with the “Will it Blend? ” picture. This microsite is a really active web site. where the consumer acquire wholly involved. The purpose is to demo the clients what the machines are able to intermix and how powerful they are through humourous but reliable ways. Videos on this web site are besides published via Facebook. which about has 25 000 followings ( Facebook 2012 ) . This platform provides interaction and communicating between the company and the clients. The FanPage is more informal and motivates the consumer to urge things Dickson can intermix up. Beside Facebook. Blendtec besides has a Twitter history which accounts about 10 000 followings ( Twitter 2012 ) . The most of import societal media channel is still their YouTube channel. Since 2006 the Blendtec channel registered really successful hits and click rates particularly the “iPhone” picture. which reached more than 10 million hits at that clip ( Youtube 2012 ) . Therefore shows an tremendous involvement by consumers.

In recent times at that place have been a figure of successful viral runs. Traditionally sellers would develop advertizements and so trust on telecasting and print distribution channels that could be expensive. Viral runs create ballyhoo that enables consumers to distribute the run on their ain. such as Old Spice ( “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” ) . Tourism Queensland ( “The best occupation ever” ) . Blendtec ( “Will it intermix? ” ) . Nike ( “The Kobe Bryant Jump ) ” . Quicksilver ( “Dynamite Surfing” ) and Samsung ( “Sheep Art” ) ( ProspectMX 2012 ) .

The cardinal subject for all the successful runs are that it was existent people making extraordinary things that made the consumer ask. “Is that for existent? ” There were no particular scene artefacts or digital redaction. All the consumers can see is. ordinary people making something that they could besides make but ne’er thought of it.

In the instance of Nike utilizing Kobe Bryant the celebrated hoops participant. the run demonstrated how talented the hoops participants are. The picture shows how they jump over anything. such as a auto and a pool full of serpents. The run has 2. 5 million viewing audiences ( ProspectMX 2012 ) .

Another successful run was Tourism Queensland which fired its two selling specializers and set their wages together to fund “The best occupation ever” run. A lucky victor get paid $ 150 000 to populate in the Great Barrier Reef Islands and to blog about their experience on the Island ( ProspectMX 2012 ) . Cardinal LESSONS FROM THE ASSIGNMENT

The cardinal points is evidently a low budget production but the success showed that advertisement via societal media doesn’t demand to be expensive or professional every bit long as the topographic point reaches the mark group in a suited manner and creates trade name consciousness. But why was this low-budget production so successful? One of the most of import factors of on-line success is the genuineness. All consumers have to watch advertizements that are full of unrealistic state of affairss and semblances. The genuineness of the liquidizer and the CEO. as the chief character. makes the pictures so particular. There is no sham. no illusive universe. It’s world.

The following factor is the surprise consequence. Cipher knows what a blended iPhone looks like. It is a surprise and merriment and it satisfies the carving for esthesiss every individual has. This combination amazes many people. which once more leads to the fact that they spread the picture because they want their friends besides to see something like that.

Another factor of Blendtec’s success was the engagement of their consumers. They allowed their client base to take part into the procedure by inquiring them what they want to see in the liquidizers.

The societal media marketing run of Blendtec besides worked because the company aligned the run to the companies’ trade name and their scheme. They knew their available resources and matched them absolutely with an unconventional thought. And that is precisely how viral selling plants. Therefore. stand out in the right manner to pull people and do it without shams is one of the most of import lessons for the right use of societal media selling. Hence. everything is possible if it is done in the right manner.


The Blendtec instance is a perfect illustration of how viral selling works absolutely. Up to now the FanPages on Facebook are really active and the “Will it Blend? ” microsite has converting click rates. The company still has a dependable Fanbase. which is truly entertained by the extremely original “Will it intermix? ” picture ( Blendtec 2012. Facebook 2012 ) . But the run started about six old ages ago and for certain the company will non be able to maintain it alive for the following 10 old ages. Therefore the selling manager and his originative squad have to believe about new runs to surprise their client. The clients expect new. unconventional thoughts. which integrated the client e. g. by utilizing new media channels.

What we can larn from this particular instance is. that the companies have to believe out of the box. A successful selling run does non ever necessitate to be dearly-won or complex. We are all utilizing Facebook. Twitter and YouTube on mundane footing. That should do us believe that these are the chief selling channels today if we want to make our mark fast and expeditiously and more attempt should be put on the quality of advertizements through these channels. It is of import to incorporate the client base and surprise them in a manner that rivals does non. Furthermore. the companies have to do certain that they are reliable and align the selling run with their trade name and scheme. Customers do non desire to see any “tricks” . but instead lovingness and affecting manufacturers. Blendtec considered these points successfully. hence able to increase gross revenues by over 700 % . The presented instance is a best pattern of how companies should make it.


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