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9 September 2017

Bless Me, Ultima Essay, Research Paper

Bless Me, Ultima is a narrative about the ripening of a immature Mexican-American male child, Antonio M & # 8217 ; arez, fighting with many inquiries about his fate, life and decease, and good and evil. Ultima who comes to populate with Antonio becomes his caretaker and his instructor. Antonio learns there are powers in the universe that differ from his beliefs in the Catholic religion. Ultima teaches Antonio & # 8220 ; that the tragic effects of life can be overcome by the charming strength that resides in the human bosom & # 8221 ; ( 237 ) . Ultima shows Antonio how to see the thaumaturgy of life with his bosom and non with his eyes. For the first clip, he sees the river non as something to be feared but as a beginning of life, & # 8220 ; I had been afraid of the atrocious presence of the river, which was the psyche of the river, but through her I learned that my spirit shared in the spirit of all things & # 8221 ; ( 15 ) . The river is both originative and destructive in nature. It is this new charming manner of seeing the river that will assist Antonio understand many of the events that occur in the novel.

Ultima besides teaches Antonio to appreciate nature and helps him develop a religious relationship with the workss of the llano. It is this turning harmoniousness with the Earth that will subsequently assist Antonio connect with his heritage and the ancient ways of his ascendants. Ultima teaches him the thaumaturgy of nature, & # 8220 ; even the workss had a spirit, and before I dug she made me talk to the works and state it why we pulled it from its place in the Earth & # 8221 ; ( 39 ) . Antonio learns which workss are good for mending but more significantly he learns of Ultima & # 8217 ; s aristocracy and grace as they wonder the llano together. Ultima teaches Antonio that one must give back to the Earth what has been taken off. It is this religious connexion with the Earth that helps Antonio understand & # 8220 ; that the tragic effects of life can be overcome by the charming strength that resides in the human bosom & # 8221 ; ( 237 ) . As Antonio deepens his apprehension of the river and the forces of nature that surround it, he begins to understand the human journey and his fate.

Ultima Teachs Antonio of this charming strength as she tries to assist him understand the slaying of Narciso. The townsfolk do non seek justness because Narciso had been the town rummy and his life seemed worthless, & # 8220 ; Because Narciso was the town rummy, cipher cared much & # 8221 ; ( 177 ) . Ultima explains that Narciso had died seeking to assist a friend and that was honest. Once Narciso had been a respectable immature adult male but difficult

times had fallen upon him after the decease of his immature married woman. Narciso had turned to alcohol to ease the hurting but had remained everlastingly indebted to Ultima for seeking to salvage his married woman. Ultima uses the decease of Narciso to learn Antonio the ways of his ascendants. She explains, “The old people…always helped each other ; through good or bad they stuck together, and the friendly relationships that were formed in that desolate llano were bonds for life” ( 179 ) . It was through Ultima that Antonio discovers life is non what is ever seems. Narciso had died seeking to warn Ultima but few remembered anything good about him. Narciso had an interior goodness that had been hidden by his usage of intoxicant. Ultima taught Antonio to see the thaumaturgy in Narciso, merely as she had thought him to see the thaumaturgy in the river and all that surrounded it.

At the terminal of the novel as Ultima is deceasing, Antonio once more understands & # 8220 ; that the tragic effects of life can be overcome by the charming strength that resides in the human bosom & # 8221 ; ( 237 ) . On her deathbed, Ultima explains, & # 8220 ; the bird of Minerva was my spirit, my bond to the clip and harmoniousness of the existence & # 8221 ; ( 260 ) . Like the bird of Minerva, Ultima is headed to & # 8220 ; a new topographic point, a new clip & # 8221 ; ( 260 ) . She reassures Antonio that she will ever be with him, & # 8220 ; when the air current is soft and the bird of Minerva sing in the hills & # 8221 ; ( 261 ) . Upon Ultima & # 8217 ; s decease, Antonio is no longer afraid of decease. Birth, life, and decease are all portion of the universe and like Ultima ; Antonio excessively must travel through the procedure. He besides realizes he must non trust on his Catholic destiny but on his interior strength, his harmoniousness with nature, and a life-time of experience to understand. In the hereafter, Antonio will construct his ain dreams, & # 8220 ; out of those things that were so much a portion of my childhood & # 8221 ; ( 261 ) .

In the novel, Bless Me, Ultima, Antonio learns about his relationship with his existence. Through the instructions of Ultima, he learns to see with his bosom and to appreciate all the thaumaturgy that nature beholds. The river of life is ne’er stoping like the river that binds the llano to Guadalupe. All that Antonio has experienced is symbolized in the river and the life that surrounds it. Ultimately, it is his instructor and friend, Ultima, which teaches Antonio that life is a rhythm and that understanding oneself brings peace and harmoniousness. The river besides serves to adhere the yesteryear, nowadays, and hereafter. Antonio learns that his hereafter is tied to his yesteryear and that his fate will be guided by an apprehension of his heritage and & # 8220 ; the charming strength that resides in the human bosom & # 8221 ; ( 237 ) .

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