Blink 182 – The Mark Tom and Travis Show

8 August 2019

The best album in my eyes is β€œThe Mark Tom and Travis Show” by Blink 182. Released in 2000, this is a collection of live performances and has some of my favorites songs. Although it may be older, it is really fun to listen to and almost anyone could enjoy it. I like it because I can relate to most of the songs.

Blink 182, a punk rock band, creates music that is at times humorous and at times serious. Unlike other punk rock bands, Blink 182 has very catchy songs and you can actually understand the lyrics clearly.

My favorite on this album is β€œAdam’s Song.” Although it is depressing, a ton of teenagers can relate to it. Another great one is β€œWhat’s My Age Again?” which I like because it is exciting and spontaneous. This song is basically about a guy in his early 20s who struggles with acting his age (he acts like a teenager).

Blink 182 has an amazing sound. I certainly hope they come out with a new album soon!

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