Bloc Party– Silent Alarm

8 August 2019

Don’t let the band’s name fool you – Bloc Party’s music is not about drunken kids running around the streets. Bloc Party is an indie pop band straight from London with a sound similar to another Brit-pop band, Franz Ferdinand. After discovering Bloc Party through word of mouth and hearing their first single “Banquet” on MTV, listeners just couldn’t get enough, compelling many to buy their debut CD “Silent Alarm.”

The Brit-pop, rock-dance songs with excellent beats will get stuck in your head and leave you wanting more. They are, however, an acquired taste.

The first song, “Like Eating Glass,” begins with an intense, intricate guitar and drum beat that you cannot keep from bopping your head to. The catchy rhythm and clever lyrics are consistent with the rest of the album. Kele Okereke, the lead singer, has a unique, gentle voice that won’t leave your head and blends well with all the songs.

Yes, it’s obvious that the CD has an amazing rock-dance feel, but there is more to it than that, including one-of-a-kind lyrics. Don’t let titles like “Price of Gas” and “Helicopter” fool you, the songs all have a message you can relate to, especially “This Modern Love,” one of the few slower songs. Its calming and catchy melody will have you dancing and singing.

Okereke’s lyrics can be confusing and strange, but there is a meaningful message he is trying to convey in all his songs. This is an album you should listen to several times to understand where he is coming from.

Although Bloc Party may sing about love, gas prices and bacteria, it all meshes well, becoming contagious and poetic. This album is absolutely fantastic, fresh and full of energy. Your CD collection is not complete without it. Expect great things from this unique quartet.

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