"Blood Gulch Blues" by Trocedero

9 September 2019

“Blood Gulch Blues” by Trocadero is a song dedicated to the popular web series Red vs. Blue. The series is based off of the game Halo, which is also well known. The song starts out by telling us the two factions: red team and blue team. Blood Gulch Avenue refers to the game of the map. In the second verse, “It’s I against I and me against you” means that there is a lot of internal and external conflict among the characters. The third verse, “living like this we were already dead” expresses how their experiences might as well have killed them. The car in the song is called the Warthog in Halo. In the game, the Warthog almost always lands on the wheels when landing. Taking that into consideration, one of the characters, Grif, says that it looked like a puma. The name stuck. It ends with another “red versus red
blue versus blue” which, in my interpretation, compares how similar the red team and blue team are in their thinking. They might be enemies, but they don’t know how much they’re really alike.
The album is called Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue. Other songs in the album include the following order: “Intro”, “Blood Gulch Blues”, “Steady Ride (Gun Metal Green)”, “Spiritual”, “No One”, “Funny Farm”, “A Girl Named Tex”, “Punch It”, “Space Invader”, “(617)”, “Superhero”, “Vale Death”, “All as One”, “Oh Five!”, and “Half Life”.

“Blood Gulch Blues”
By Trocadero
Roses are red/
And violets are blue/
One day we’ll cruise down/
Blood Gulch Avenue/

It’s red versus red/
And blue versus blue/
It’s I against I and me/
against you/

Violets are blue/
And roses are red/
Living like this we were/ already dead/

Hop in my car it don’t have/ any doors/
It’s build like a cat/
It lands on all fours/
My cars like a puma/
It drives on all fours/

Red versus red/
Blue versus blue/

For all of those who recognize Red vs. Blue, I would recommend this song. I would definitely approve of other songs by Trocadero as well. People who have not watched Red vs. Blue would not get the references within most of these songs. All in all, this is the best song ever. Of all time.

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