Blood Pressure Essay Research Paper Blood pressure

Blood Pressure Essay, Research Paper

Blood force per unit area

& # 8220 ; Blood force per unit area & # 8221 ; is the force with which your bosom pumps blood through the organic structure. Occasional additions in blood force per unit area degrees are non unusual.

High blood pressure

Hypertension is high blood force per unit area. When bosom beats ( contracts and

relaxes ) it pumps out a certain volume of blood. The maximal arterial force per unit area, measured in millimeter Hg, determines the systolic reading and the lowest reading of this force per unit area is called the diastolic force per unit area. It is widely accepted that a individual holding a reading of a systolic force per unit area of greater than/equal to 140 millimeters Hg and a diastolic force per unit area of greater than/equal to 90 millimeter Hg is considered to hold high blood force per unit area. When such a reading is sustained over a period of clip, it is diagnosed as high blood pressure.


There are two types of high blood pressure. One is primary high blood pressure and

the other is secondary high blood pressure. The cause of primary high blood pressure is unknown. It merely happens but nevertheless, there are certain hazard factors or associations such as familial factors, race, age, environmental and life-style factors ( where you live, salt and other chemicals, weight, emphasis, intoxicant, deficiency of exercising ) . The difference between primary and secondary high blood pressure is that we know the causes of secondary high blood pressure. Normally, the causes of secondary high blood pressure include nephritic arteria stricture ( or other cause of increased plasma renin ) , nephritic parenchymal disease ( glomerulonephritis, diabetic kidney disease, polycystic disease, clogging uropathy ) , drugs ( unwritten preventives, steroids ) , and increased degrees of catecholamines ( phaeochromocytoma ) , glucocorticoids ( Cushing & # 8217 ; s disease ) , or mineralcorticoids.


High blood pressure is referred to as & # 8220 ; the soundless slayer & # 8221 ; since those afflicted seem to see few, if any, symptoms. However, high blood pressure may be associated with weariness, concerns, dizziness, thorax strivings, ocular and speech perturbations, shortness of breath, and nose bleeds.


We do non cognize what causes & # 8220 ; indispensable & # 8221 ; high blood pressure but we have proof

that there are many factors associated with its development, such as

age, race, and household history. Many of these can non be controlled or

prevented ; nevertheless, weight, diet,

and life-style can be controlled to a great extent, and their control may assist forestall or cut down your high blood force per unit area. High blood pressure is governable and one of the simplest intervention is taking medicine. There are a broad assortment of medicine available for patients. Diuretic drugs, beta blockers, Ca channel blockers, ACE inhibitors, alpha blockers, cardinal agents, and

vasodilatives are merely some drugs used to handle high blood force per unit area.

High blood force per unit area is unsafe because if it is non treated and

controlled it can damage of import variety meats of the organic structure: the bosom, encephalon, kidneys, and eyes. When blood force per unit area remains abnormally high for a long clip, normally old ages, the increased force against the walls of the arterias causes them to go thicker and crooked, diminishing the flow of blood to the bosom, encephalon, kidneys, and eyes. Cardiovascular disease is the NO. 1 cause of decease in the United States. Death rates are higher when high blood force per unit area is besides present and even higher when the high blood force per unit area is associated with other hazard factors such as coffin nail smoke and high blood cholesterin.

Target Variety meats

Heart & # 8211 ; expansion of the bosom and increased hardening, thickener,

and obstruction of the coronary arterias. These alterations can take to chest hurting, bosom onslaughts, bosom failure, and irregular pulses.

Brain high blood force per unit area is the most common cause of shots, which

besides called cerebrocascular accidents ( CVAs ) . Strokes are normally the consequence of a coagulum in a blood vas or a bursting of a blood vas in the encephalon. This cuts off the supply of O and foods, so that a part of the encephalon gets ill and dies.

Kidneys & # 8211 ; your kidneys filter waste substances out of the blood into the piss. if your kidneys do non work decently, these waste substances build up in the blood and, beyond a certain degree, get down to poison your organic structure. As in the bosom, the blood vass in your kidneys can go hard-boiled and thickened as a consequence of high blood force per unit area, and they can non transport plenty blood to nurture these variety meats and assistance in extinguishing waste. The consequence is kidney nephritic failure.

Eyes- long-standing high blood force per unit area can do serious oculus jobs, such as hemorrhage or coagulums in the little oculus vass or rupturing off of the liner of the interior oculus.

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