Bloomingdales International Customer Service Essay Research Paper

9 September 2017

Bloomingdales International Customer Service Essay, Research Paper

Bloomingdales International Customer Service Essay Research Paper Essay Example

Bloomingdales International Customer Service

& # 8220 ; AT BLOOMINGDALE & # 8217 ; S, WE & # 8217 ; RE ALWAYS AT YOUR SERVICE & # 8221 ;

Bloomingdale s is successful because they have positioned themselves in the retailing market, by offering alone ware from around the universe, aiming a flush, educated group of frequenters aged between 35-55 old ages, and concentrating on & # 8220 ; Customer Service & # 8221 ; . This selling scheme has been the back bone of their success.

Advertisement runs of Bloomingdale s has portrayed the focal point of & # 8220 ; Customer Service & # 8221 ; , with mottos such as & # 8220 ; At Bloomingdale & # 8217 ; s, we & # 8217 ; rhenium ever at your service & # 8221 ; and & # 8220 ; You are like no 1 else in the universe, Bloomingdale & # 8217 ; s is like no other shop in the universe. . & # 8221 ;

Bloomingdale s is like no other shop in the universe, offering a alone retailing experience. It has been referred to as the & # 8220 ; retailing theater & # 8221 ; in some of the universes most influential magazines. Therefore Bloomingdale s has gathered a international repute for their alone ware and services ; going a hot tourer finish.

The International Customer will hold alone demands, that will hold to be catered excessively in order to accomplish return concern and new patronage.


World broad there is over 200 different linguistic communications spoken. Therefore, there are huge differences among states as to the linguistic communications normally spoken. Even within states, there is frequently diversity as to the linguistic communications spoken. For illustration, Canada ( English and French ) , India ( Hindi and English ) Japan ( Nipponese, English and Korean ) have two or more official linguistic communications. However, the obvious linguistic communication barrier, is non the lone concern. Wordss have a assortment of intending within diverse states.

To get the better of this issue, Bloomingdale s has available & # 8220 ; Personal Shopping Assistant & # 8221 ; Service. This is can be obtained at the International Service Desk, here they arrange for Associate that speaks the clients native linguistic communication to help. The marks in the shop a chiefly written in English, nevertheless there is a Store Directory is available in most linguistic communications.

CUSTOM LAWS ( i.e. : Stamp Duties and Taxes )

Each state has their ain Custom Laws and Taxation Law. Therefore it is imperative that the international clients are able to understand the specific conditions associating to the states & # 8217 ; revenue enhancements, peculiarly when buying ware or services.

This was once more is overcome with a brochure about Custom Laws in a assortment of linguistic communications available to all clients at the International Service Desk. Equally good as the brochure, the Associates are expected to hold knowledge in relation to these.

If more information is required there is a International Delivery Service available.


A Culture consist of a group of people sharing a typical heritage. It teaches behaviour criterions, linguistic communication, life styles, and ends ; it is passed down from coevals to coevals and is non something that is easy changed. Almost every state has a different civilization ; Continental difference exist as good. Some goods and services are unacceptable to some civilizations.

In some ways this issue has been addressed with the constitution of the International Service Desk, here the agreement for an Associate who non merely speaks the clients native linguistic communication, but has a basic apprehension of the civilization to help them in accomplishing their coveted shopping experience can be achieved.

Cultural consciousness can be improved by using foreign forces in places that will hold direct contact with these clients and educating staff members on the cultural differences, therefore leting for a client to be comfy during their shopping experience.


international market is defined as “Involving the selling of goods or services outside on administration s state, whether in one or several markets.”

An administration normally enters this international market when the population base within they state becomes dead. However the engineering progresss are easing the growing of the international selling, with automatic Teller machines, international transportations, computerisation of retailing registries and Internet connect of most shops, communicating, and productiveness. This means the International market is going the norm, alternatively of the following class after population stagnancy.

The International client is an attractive Market to prosecute. As we reach the millenary and engineering is increasing ternary fold daily the universe is going smaller, and the markets are going larger. With the Internet and other resources the ability to make a larger market pool is going more gettable and cost efficient.

All states will hold differences in their consumer demands, this is due to the varied imposts, linguistic communications, of most nationalities. It will besides include the diverseness in the significances of colorss, symbols, gestures and organic structure linguistic communication.

The illustrations following were determined by looking at a scope of merchandises that have been marketed in the international markets, and the ground they failed or succeeded.

Customss and Languages: –

1. The merchandise Pepsodent failed in Southeast Asia when it promised white dentitions to a civilization where black or xanthous dentitions are symbols of prestigiousness.

2. In Mexico, a U.s. air hose meant to publicize that riders could sit in comfy leather seats ; but, the phrase in its Spanish interlingual rendition & # 8220 ; sentando en cuero & # 8221 ; meant to & # 8220 ; sit naked & # 8221 ; .

3. African work forces were upset by a commercial for work forces s deodourant that showed a happy male being chased by adult females. They thought the deodourant would do them weak and overrun by adult females.

4. In Quebec, a transcribed fish maker promoted a merchandise by demoing a adult female dressed in trunkss, golfing with her hubby, and be aftering to function transcribed fish for dinner. These activities violated cultural norms.


In China, the coloring material ruddy indicates felicity. While Black elicits a positive response because it denotes power and trustiness.

To the Nigerians the coloring material viridity, denotes wellness and felicity. This is why the Nigerian Brewery, uses green bottles. Any company seeking to come in this market would hold to mind of the Nigerians belief that & # 8220 ; good beer merely comes in green bottles & # 8221 ; .

Bloomindales can do their international services more attractive to the internal market, by holding a multi-cultural staff to cover with the particular demands and wants of cultural groups. As these staff members will be peculiarly sensitive to the demands of the specific international client. The changing of their Ad and publicity techniques with the times, non merely in the manner and but in the cultural alterations happening within communities. The usage of engineering to maintain them up to day of the month with the events of the shop. For illustration: – Use of the Internet, and E-mail services to provide up to day of the month information, issue of invitations to particular events, vacation price reductions, and telling of ware via their web site.

As the terminal of the millenary attacks, and retailing alterations focus, Bloomingdale & # 8217 ; s is committed to being at the head of the & # 8220 ; new & # 8221 ; section

shops. Personal service for clients, alternate shopping locales, redesigned insides, the gap of more shops in more countries of the state, sole

ware, and meaningful values are merely portion of what will do Bloomingdale s

a leader into the twenty-first century.

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