Blue Collar Student Are Jobs Good Or

9 September 2017

Blue Collar Student: Are Jobs Good Or Bad? Essay, Research Paper

Blue Collar Student: Are Jobs Good or Bad?

Brian Woy

Are portion clip occupations good or bad for a pupil? This is an interesting

inquiry that pertains to about half of all high school pupils. Jobs provide

pupils with many different qualities but at what cost? This will be the subject

of treatment in this paper.

Part clip occupations are as common to pupils as mooing is to cattles. Many pupils

happen it necessary to hold a occupation after school and during the summer. One benefit

of holding a occupation is it builds character in oneself. Having a duty at

work and working with others physiques 1s leading and teamwork abilities.

Students besides have the ability to gain some excess money to assist pay for a auto

and the insurance required to drive it. It besides allows pupils to acquire a sense

of independency as they are non ever trusting on ma and pa to give them money.

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For illustration, your friend Jim has a occupation doing sundaes at dairy queen. Jim plants

about 24 hours a hebdomad and makes $ 4.50 an hr. At the terminal of that hebdomad, Jim

has $ 80 that he can name his ain. Jim could travel to the films, purchase a new brace of

places, or make whatever he wants to make with it. Jim worked difficult for his money and

after all, it is his money. Another option to disbursement this difficult earned

money is to salvage it in a bank and utilize it for college.

This is all all right and bang-up but what about school an

d the prep instructors send

place. If a pupil does hold a portion clip occupation when will he acquire this work done.

Part clip occupations can take away the cherished clip that pupils need to analyze and

make prep. Let & # 8217 ; s merely state for case that our friend Jim has a concluding test

tomorrow. Wait a minute though, it & # 8217 ; s Thursday and Jim works from 4 to 10. Jim

has no clip to analyze before he goes to work so he figures he & # 8217 ; ll make it after work.

Jim gets swamped at Dairy Queen and by the terminal of his displacement, he & # 8217 ; s so tired he

can hardly drive place. When Jim does acquire place, he cracks the books and starts

analyzing about Beowulf. After about 10 proceedingss of that, Jim is fast asleep and

before you know it, Jim & # 8217 ; s ma is stating him to wake up. Jim takes is exam,

cognizing nil about Beowulf, the Anglo-saxons or anything else that was on his

English test and to no suprise, he gets an? F. ?

Because of his occupation Jim had no clip to analyze and will now trust to go director

of the Dairy Queen where he works. Jobs can interfere with 1s & # 8217 ; school work

and do all sorts of problem.

Jobs are of import character builders and can be existent helpful to a pupil. On

the other side, a occupation can be a pupils worst incubus, and do them to

go a full clip employee alternatively of a portion clip employee. It takes a batch of

assurance, motive, and clip direction to make both, but in the terminal, a

pupil will hold an thought of the universe that is at that place for him to research.

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