Blue Hotel Essay Research Paper

9 September 2017

Blue Hotel Essay, Research Paper

“ The Blue Hotel ” The Swede is a major beginning of struggle in “ The

Blue Hotel ” . The external struggles that he faces are caused by implied

internal struggles. The Easterner sums up the cause of the Swede & # 8217 ; s internal

struggles when he says, “ & # 8230 ; this adult male has been reading dime novels, and he

thinks he & # 8217 ; s right out in the center of it-the shootin & # 8217 ; and stabbin & # 8217 ; and

all. “ ( 103 ) The Swede is frightened of everyone because in his head, he is

in changeless danger. He is described as “ rickety and quick-eyed ” ( 97 ) in

the beginning. Alternatively of speaking to the old husbandman, he stares at everyone and

makes “ sneak estimations of each adult male in the room. “ ( 98 ) This internal

struggle between the existent universe and the 1 in the novels cause the first

external struggle between Johnny and the Swede. The Swede is really scared and

believes that everyone is traveling to kill him.

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“ He shivered and turned white

near the corners of his oral cavity. “ ( 100 ) The Swede was so scared that he

went upstairs to pack his bags and leave. Scully indirectly caused the alterations

to the Swede. Scully was seeking to quiet the Swede down by offering him a drink

R / & gt ;

of whisky. Once the Swede had the intoxicant in him, he became a wholly different

individual. Alternatively of go forthing, he went back downstairs for supper. Johnny describes

the alteration to his male parent when he says, “ & # 8230 ; he was scared, but now he & # 8217 ; s excessively

fresh. ” The intoxicant caused the Swede to go loud, chesty and cocky.

This clip when an statement breaks out at the card tabular array, he is more than ready

to contend. After crushing Johnny in a fist battle, the Swede leaves the hotel and

goes into town. The new found bluster caused by the intoxicant and the battle is

what causes the Swede to lose his life to the Gambler. Even though this narrative

was written about the Old West, the subject that intoxicant can alter people is

still really true today. If the Swede had non drunk the intoxicant, he would non hold

had the bravery to contend Johnny. The combination of the intoxicant and winning the

battle gave the Swede even more bravery and he died.

Crane, Stephen. “ The Blue Hotel ” . Literature: An Introduction to

Reading and Writing. Eds. Roberts, Edgar V. and Jacobs, Henry E. 1998:97-115

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