Blue Man Group Audio

10 October 2019

“What?”was my friend’s response when I mentioned the Blue Man Group.

“Theyare some of the weirdest people on Earth, but that is what makes them sogood,” I explained. “They make their own instruments.” Thatexplanation only touches on the utter weirdness of the Group, and that is whatmakes “Audio” so interesting.

You just cannot classify Blue ManGroup as any specific genre. Their music is mostly rock, without vocals, buttheir homespun instruments provide intricate melodies. These instruments includetheir PVC pipe instrument, which they strike with closed-cell foam paddles toproduce a wide range of tones. They also use instruments with … well, odd namesis the only word I can think of to describe them. They include Electric Dog Toy,Pressaphonic, Extension Cord Bull Roarer and Angel Wind Pipes (what exactly theDog Toy and Bull Roarer do, I’m not sure.)

The Group gets their name fromthe fact that, during all their performances, they dress in black jumpsuits withonly their hands and heads exposed which they paint with blue grease paint.

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Theyalso never show any facial expressions except slight eyemovement.

“Audio” is based loosely on music from Blue ManGroup’s performances in New York, Boston, Chicago and Las Vegas, though it ismeant to stand independently. If you’ve seen one of the shows, you mightrecognize Track 5, “Rods and Cones,” during which the Group performs along segment on vision.

Even if you haven’t seen a performance, this CDis still a must-listen. All 14 tracks have a sound of their own; some are slowand relaxing while others are fast and upbeat. The use of conventional guitarsand drums are amazingly mixed together with not-so-conventional instruments likezithers and cimbaloms, making an adrenaline rush as big as Michael Jackson’sannual salary.

So, if you like weird-but-cool music, the Blue Man Group’s”Audio” is a must. And the next time you’re in New York, Boston,Chicago or Las Vegas, seek out their live show. It’s possibly even better than”Audio,” but that’s another story.

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