Blue Print for Personal and Professional Growth

9 September 2016

This course has provided me with a multitude of tools, and it has definitely taught me to put careful thought into every situation as it pertains to change; whether it relates to work, school, or things that are going on in my personal life. These tools are both important and necessary in order to become an effective manager in the future.

This course has taught me a lot in terms of initiating and managing change, and Kotter’s eight-stage process is a very useful approach when it comes to making changes within an organization. This course has helped me strengthen my skills in overcoming barriers that tend to get and make it difficult to keep up with the change process.

Blue Print for Personal and Professional Growth Essay Example

For me, the most interesting part of the course was learning about how today’s organizations are constantly evolving to accommodate change and learning about the tools that are required in order to work through those barriers that are known to effect efficient and positive change within organizations. To become an effective change advocate, it will be important for me to understand that although the change process can become somewhat difficult, it is possible when the necessary steps are applied to the change process.

In addition to believing that change is possible, it is also important to carefully plan for change to assure that the process has been carefully thought out before attempting to apply changes within an organization. Being creative and motivated will also help me to become an effective change advocate as being creative will allow me to step outside of my comfort zone and think outside of the box while being motivated will help build momentum among myself and my employees as well as trust. Being creative will also give me the courage to take risks.

Finally, to become an effective change advocate, it will be important for me to be flexible when it comes to change so that I will be able to adjust to any unforeseen circumstances that may arise. Leadership for Change: Enduring Skills for Change Masters Upon reviewing Kanter’s Article, “Leadership for Change: Enduring Skills for Change Master’s”, I found that of the seven skills described by Kanter, one area of weakness is skill #1: Sensing Needs and Opportunities: Tuning in to the Environment.

As the author states, “Innovation begins with someone being aware enough to sense a new need” (Kanter, 2003). Being a person who has always struggled with adapting to new things, I would definitely benefit from strengthening this skill so that I am equipped with the necessary tools that will allow me to sense when there is a need for change as well as being able to identify the gaps between what is and what could be. Another weak area for me is skill #4: Enlisting Backers and Supporters: Getting Buy-Ins, Building Coalitions”.

Strengthening this skill will allow me to bring on board the right people who are needed to help successfully implement the change as having too many people involved with the process could cause a delay in the implementation of the change, or could result in failure. This will require me to communicate my vision in order to find out who is receptive of the change and who is resistant as well ask finding out exactly who I will need to help with the change process. In order to further strengthen my management skills, I will continue with my program at Walden University until I have earned a Master’s degree in the field of management.

This program will prepare me to successfully manage my employees and projects as well as how to face some of the critical challenges that exist in today’s society. I will also refer to the tools that have been provided to me in this course as I am sure they will serve as a guide in my quest to enter into the management arena as well as my personal life when change becomes necessary. When it comes to change, it is important to be able to determine both the reason for the change and why it is necessary.

I will use the skills that I’ve gained in this course by applying them to changes that take place in my personal life and in my professional life, when applicable. When I am involved in the change process, I will make sure to follow Kotter’s eight-stage process to ensure that the change is implemented successfully and will little or no interferences.

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