Blue Sky

6 June 2017

Did you know that the sky wasn’t always blue? The story goes thousands of years back. It all went like this… It was Just another day in Aika village. The sky was gray and dim(Put it here or remove it from myth). There weren’t a lot of people walking around town, and the only sounds heard were the soft autumn wind and rustling leaves. One girl, named A’, was sitting alone on a knoll. Every day she hoped for a change in the village, as everything was always dark and gloomy. No bright colors existed, and the village lacked personality. Just then, a boy named Yu approached her.

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Staring at the sky, huh? ” Yu asked. Ai was startled by this. She rarely spoke to anyone outside of her family, but she tried to keep calm and answer back. mies. Do you find it boring as well? I feel like something is missing. ” “It’s always been like that,” Yu replied. “Some people have tried to do something about it, but only one clue was found. ” “Oh? ” Ai was surprised. “What is that clue? ” “It was a small stone tablet, inscribed with ancient writing. It states something about a crystal and a magical wizard. Sounds like someone’s idea of a Joke, to me at least(Delete). ” Yu shrugged.

An underground unnel had opened up, and Ai and Yu decided to check it out. “This is so weird! ” Ai said. “I wonder what could be down here. ” “Maybe this is the prophecy I called a Joke earlier,” Yu replied “I’m starting tot in n kit is real. ” Ai and Yu explored the tunnel and saw light coming from a room. They peaked in and saw a wizard reciting spells from an ancient book. “Do you think we should ask him to bring color into this world? ” Ai whispered to Yu. mfou do it, you found this place” Yu whispered back. Ai and Yu walked into the room. Ai approached the wizard, who was lost in thought. “Um… excuse me? Ai said to the wizard. Why hello there, what could I help you with? ” the wizard asked. Ai calmly asked him, “Would you please bring color into this world? Everything is so dark and dim; it’s hard to experience happiness in a world like this. ” “Hm… ” said the wizard. “Let me check if there is such a spell. ” While the wizard looked for the spell, Ai and Yu mumbled to each other. Both were curious about this place, and if color would actually be brought to the world. If it was possible, it would bring about a huge change. “Well,” the wizard said, miouVe asked me of a mighty big task, and I am unable to fulfill your request.

However, I may help a little. I can bring you back one color, but only in one area. ” Ai remembered the blue crystal, and how much she loved that color. “l would like to see the color blue! ” Ai exclaimed. “If it can only be in one place though… ” Ai paused for a moment. This was her chance to bring hope back into the world, and she wanted everyone to rejoice. She wanted everyone to experience this color. “l would like the sky to be blue. ” Ai finally decided. “Then it is settled. ” said the wizard. “l will make the sky blue. ” The wizard mumbled strange phrases, and after a few minutes, the world shook for a quick second.

Then, the entire sky was transformed into the color blue. Ai and Yu rushed outside to experience this for themselves. The tunnel quickly disappeared, as did the crystal. But, they didn’t mind. They had a gift. Their gift was the sky turning blue. After days went on, Ai noticed changes around her village. People were more cheerful, the crime rate was reduced, and happiness filled air. The blue sky was hope for the future. The blue sky was a sight for everyone. The blue sky was a gift, a gift that couldn’t be put into words. It had to be seen to be believed.

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