Blues Traveler

1 January 2020

In late December I had the opportunity to catch a Blues Traveler show at Northeastern Univer-sity in Boston. In front of 3000, they had everyone on their feet. The band includes four well-accomplished musicians, but nobody would have been there without the lead vocals and harmonics of John Popper. I must confess that I had never been a huge fan of Blues Traveler, but their concert was so energetic that I was pulled in. I had the great advantage of being in the front row. But I didn’t think about being so close to the speakers and so had to deal with my ears ringing that night and the next day. The band rocked for more than two and a half hours without tiring and did not forget to play their two biggest hits: “Run Around” and “But Anyway.” They pleased the crowd by ending the night with John Lennon’s “Imagine” When the concert was over, I had an urge to meet Popper face to face and compliment him, so my friend and I snuck backstage. While waiting, we were entertained by the workers hustling to clear everything out. After an hour, the opening band and the other band members made their way down the hall. Popper was slower because he had been signing autographs and talking to the fans. As Popper approached, a big security guard told us to leave because we did not have backstage passes. We tried to ignore the guard and kept answering yes to all his demands, until Popper walked over to us of his own free will. He was the first celebrity, and one of the coolest and most down-to-earth people, I have ever met. He signed my CD and talked to us for five minutes. Popper said that it was unexpected when I told him that I had seen him on the “Real World, London.” I was impressed that I could carry on a conversation with him. If, someday, for some odd reason, I am famous, I vow to be as nice to people as John Popper was to my friend and me. I was kind of dragged into going to that concert. Somewhat ironicly it was the highlight of my Christmas vacation, possibly my junior year of high school

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