Blurryface by Twenty One Pilots

8 August 2019

Twenty One PIlots “Blurryface” Album

Blurryface being the third and most recent album that Twenty One Pilots has made has gotten a lot of attention to the media. Blurryface was the opportunity for Tyler to create music that talks about his depression, insecurities, and doubts. Although their songs may have dark meanings behind them, Twenty One Pilots knows how to turn their songs into an upbeat song while still talking about what they have been through. Blurryface is an excellent album for those who like alternative and rap not just Blurry Face, but any album by Twenty One Pilots is the album for you. Although Twenty One Pilots have stated that they are trying to create their own genre, some say that it is easier to classify them as rap/alternative with a hint of screamo.

Personally the reason I recommend not only just Blurry Face, but any album by them in general is because they make music with a deep meaning. Their songs could send chills and shivers down your spine in a second. Since I’ve been loving this band and their music for three years now I recommend you give them a try. You will find yourself listening to them song after song and losing yourself in their music. I would recommend starting off with listening to Blurry Face first before progressing further into their music. The Judge is a great song to listen to first off of the album. The Judge talks about how Tyler’s depression has taken a toll on him and he wants his depression to finally set him free. While the song does discuss heavy topics it presents itself in being positive and having an upbeat melody.
Another good song off of the Blurry Face would be the songDoubt. The songs talks about how about how he does not want whoever he is addressing in the song to doubt him and forget about. He is also discussing his insecurities and how they are eating at him. This particular song has a somewhat catchy beat, but still has very deep and dark meaning behind it. Overall I would give Blurry Face a solid 10/10 and have no doubt that you all will enjoy this album.

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