Blurryface by Twenty-One Pilots

11 November 2019

Blurryface, an exciting, fast paced, upbeat thrill ride of an album was only twenty-one pilots fourth album released in their career. It could quite possibly be their most successful album as well. Now here’s a little information to fill you in on the group. They are not a new group nor are they an old group by any means. As of right now the group twenty-one pilots consist of Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun. originally they were just gonna get together and play at some college parties. So in 2009 when they came up with the name twenty-one pilots in their college dorm, they never in their wildest dreams thought they would have produced a people’s favorite album. If you were to ask me what album I could relate most to, the album of Blurryface would come straight to my head and i’m sure I wouldn’t be the only one either. It might not have been labeled number one, but the people certainly thought it was in their head. A few thing that made Bluryyface so popular was The title, release, tours, the message, the target group, and why it was favored so much.
What is Blurryface or who is Blurryface you may be asking yourself. But the truth is that Blurryface is in fact the opposite of leader singer Tyler Joseph. Throughout the album you will hear the name Blurryface mentioned a lot, and the reason for that is because the majority of the songs bring up topics where Tyler has doubt in his own life. BlurryFace is where he can express those doubts in the songs .But that is only a fraction of the build up to fame.
The release of a new album is often the best time to get new fans because when people see a new album they just have to stop and check out the latest and greatest hits. People are naturally curious, and so when they see or hear about this new album that is out they just have to check it out for themselves. So when the album completely caught fire in the music world and everybody couldn’t get enough of it. In the first week of the release in the United States they sold over 134,000 albums. And they hit 1.2 million albums by july of 2016. They decided to take it worldwide with their first tour of BlurryFace.
Their first tour of Blurryface was set way in may of 2015. But not only was it the first tour of Blurryface, it was also their first actual tour. It was to bean international tour the duo decided, with almost 115 different locations worldwide. It was concluded almost an entire year later on may 6th of 2016. Even though the songs were released to the united states in early april of 2015, the rest of the world didn’t find out about them till later that summer. So after the album was released to other countries it was a big surprise to them when they hit four gold records in four different counties along with two platinums and two time platinum in America.
Personally, when I first heard this song, something hit me and it just clicked. I just felt a connection to the song in someway. I felt like the song could have almost been written about me, but we all know it’s a bunch of song that kind of summed up all the struggles a person will have growing up. So unless you didn’t grown up and you were born an adult and went right to work, then chances that you will feel a connection are very high.
The title, release, tours, and the message that made the song favored. To me these are the qualities that lead up to the making of the greatest relatable album ever. For only being their 4th album produced yet and being this popular I think this group have the power to be one of or the greatest groups the world have ever seen. So when I say that they have already hit the mark with Burryface, believe me their albums and songs will only get better from here on out. So that’s why I believe that burryface is the most down to earth and reality based album out there

Blurryface by Twenty-One Pilots Essay Example

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