Bmx Is the Best Sport

1 January 2017

Most sports in this generation are team sports and many people constantly end up on the bench or cut from the team, because the are not good enough. But in BMX every person gets to participate some might not be as good as another rider and loose every race but they still get to compete and enjoy riding, and this is one of the many reason why I think BMX is the best sport ever! First of all for those people who are thinking what BMX is? Here me out and ill explain.

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Bmx Is the Best Sport
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BMX is just a short 40 or so second sprint race around a 400 metre long man made dirt track with lots of different bumps and humps all different sizes some being small and some being big! BMX first started in the early 1970s when kids began racing their bikes on dirt tracks, in Southern California drawing inspiration from the motocross superstars of their time. There was no stopping it a new sport was made, bicycle motocross was the name it was given but it was quickly shortened to BMX. It was that good that it grabbed the attention of more than a thousand people in one short summer.

BMX has many high points and on of the is the adrenaline you get especially when your coming down a 5 plus metre high start ramp and hitting 40, 50 and the faster people even hit around 60 kilometres at one time. As you would imagine going that fast on a two wheeler bike how much adrenaline do you think you would get? Around 2003 the International Olympic committee made BMX a full medal Olympic sport for the 2008 Beijing China Olympic games. With that there were named two First ever BMX champions With Maris Stromberg’s Form Latvia winning the men, and Anne-Caroline Chausson from France taking the women’s gold.

It only takes one trip to a BMX race and you will quickly see that everyone in attendance from 3 year olds children to over 50 year olds are having a great time. BMX is a safe and an action sport for the whole entire family, I even know a 72 year old that still races. How amazing is that? Statistics have proven that BMX racing is one of the safest of all youth sports today. Part of this is due to the requirement of safety equipment. Every time a rider is on a track they must be wearing long sleeves, long pants, a helmet and gloves.

Elbow pads, shin guards and Neck braces are all optional, but most riders are tending to wear them. You can also wear full chest armour. BMX is the best sport because it has so many opportunities; just some of them are National events like South Island Champs, North Island Champs and New Zealand Nationals. You can also qualify for Worlds, Youth Olympics Supercross Races, And the Big Race being the Olympics! Some More great things about this sport is that no 1 track is the same I’ve Been To over 30 different track and none of the were exactly the same

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