Boards of Canada

Whatwe have here is an amazing duo that is constantly creating amazing music. Theirstyle is calm, ambient music without words, and it’s great for relaxing. Theystem from the same branch of artists as Aphex Twin, but they far surpass whatothers have accomplished.

Boards of Canada is not a group everyone willenjoy. Many are too into the world of rock and rap, and fans of other genresmight listen and feel lost. Others, though, fall quickly into this world ofmusical perfection.

Boards of Canada’s sound can be soft, a bit harsh, ordownright odd, but it’s always enjoyable. The songs are arranged in a perfectorder to lie back and listen to the whole album. The arrangement creates anenvironment of moving from one emotional plane to another. Thank goodness thesegeniuses stepped forth.

They entered the music world in 1996 with theirdebut album on the Skam label. After that they quickly gained popularity on the”braindance” scene. “Aquarius” came out in 1998, with warm,melodic and moving beats.

Their follow-up to this masterpiece is theirmost popular work to date, “Music Has the Right to Children.” Thisalbum is sheer genius. It starts cold, moves to shuddering and harsh, and finallyends warm and calm.

In 2001 they released the single “In a BeautifulPlace Out in the Country.” This time they shot for a warm, outsideenvironment feel, and did a perfect job. Each track is a perfect medley of beatsoverlaid with sounds of the country and small villages. It’s their best work, inmy opinion.

Go give this Scottish duo a shot, all their works arebrilliant. If you want songs that will get you hooked, check out “HiScores” and “Telephasic Workshop.” “In a Beautiful Place Outin the Country” is also very nice and will be appreciated. Don’t be fooledby the first listen, play the songs a few times and things you didn’t notice willappear, all sorts of hidden sounds and noises crammed into the nooks and cranniesof a song.

You just can’t let an opportunity of hearing something likethis pass you by. Check out Boards of Canada today.

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